Thursday, August 10, 2017

Cadillac Man and the Case of the Flamingo in the Fountain

There wasn't really any flamingo in any fountain but it seemed a cooler case to investigate than groping Taylor Swift.

The first move after the Verdict, naturally, was to restock the ganja since various epiphanies come and one is that buying anything which isn't perishable is probably a waste of money.

Foghorn Leghorn:  that's a joke, son.  I say, that's a joke, son

Note:  dark gags like that can be a giggle but only if used sparingly.

There's one cool thing since I can start throwing hexes around.  May the fleas of a thousand Egyptian camels infest your ass so you feel like Chuck Schumer all the time.  That would have to massively suck.

It seems like it would be cool if not for one tiny detail that I don't wanna.

Whether to tell Tinkerbell about it is a tad anguishing since it sucks if I do or if I don't ... but ... she was one a trio of malcontents or at least stoner outlaws at one time.  She's the one who called me when my ol' Dad blew out of the world so it seems all the more shitty to turn around to tell her I will do that too.  However, it's equally shitty or more so to defer that call to anyone else.

Zen Yogi:  the answer is right in front of you as they usually are

I see it, Zen Bear, since the impact is the same regardless of the source and there is no courage in delegation.  Fuckin' tell her.

Zen Yogi:  no way I'm doing it as I'm just looking for some KFC chicken

I meant me, Zen Bear.

Cadillac Man, things aren't anywhere near as insane as it seems they should be but there wasn't a surprise and ML saw it the same way.  The only thing unknown is whether it's fast or slower since that can't be determined without a biopsy.  In other words, I still don't have an expiration date and I did ask her specifically.

There was a short bit with Yevette earlier with wtf do they mean about fighting this or being in a battle for one's life and she knows that situation implicitly after her recent treatments.  The summary always comes to the same thing that fighting really doesn't even mean the same thing as doing the best you can with shitty circumstances.

The future is as unclear as ever but it's supposed to be.

Zen Yogi:  the Future reveals a multiple continua and which one is realized is contingent on the Now

We already know which continuum will be realized, Yogi.

Zen Yogi:  you know something will be realized but you don't know when so there are still many continua between Now and Then

The variable is whether I see any meerkats along the way.

Zen Yogi:  you may be getting it, Silas

But no flamingos in fountains?

Zen Yogi:  ix-nay on the flamingos, Silas.

There's still some time for defensiveness about the ganja.  It may be perceived as an escape but who the fuck do you think you're kidding in thinking this can be escaped.  Maybe if you get blind drunk to turn up in a gutter or blow your shit away with meth then you can escape.  Many people do that but it looks stupid from here.

Part of the trip is to figure out what exactly it does do.  There's definitely a freeing aspect to it but freeing from what.  It doesn't free me from being surrounded by war hawks who are just burning to kill something.  I wouldn't mind losing that.

I don't have a good enough answer to go on about it but I already mentioned it doesn't do anything as a palliative since it doesn't reduce pain although there is a subtle vibe of wellness it brings to things.

Part of the intrigue is the inexplicable nature of it but we already saw enough inexplicable from Zen Yogi so it's about time to look for Tinkerbell.

Update:  that's a check on Tinkerbell as I did that and it was the right thing to do but I can't say I feel particularly proud of myself.  I don't feel completely shitty about it since doing nothing would have relegated the notification to Lotho and that's such an indescribably bullshit thing to do.

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