Friday, August 11, 2017

Chuck Schumer Advocates Extirpation of Palestine

One of the biggest lies extant in the modern time is that Israel and Judaism are synonymous and, thus, any decrial of the extirpation of Palestinians in the Occupied Territories is anti-Semitic.

Israel is a discrete entity and we recognize its physical boundaries, etc.  Judaism is not a discrete entity and it has no physical boundaries.  They not only don't resemble one another, they're not even in the same dimension.

Chuck Schumer said specifically any opposition to Israeli policy in Palestine is anti-Semitic and nothing but electroshock is going to get him out of sick thinking like that.

Ed:  is he Jewish?

Unknown as he has a name which sounds German but he's never done anything interesting enough to make it worth investigating beyond that.  He's just another Centrist war hawk.  Push the button and they always do the same thing.

The only good thing Israel has going for it is its evil is topped by the Saudi bombing of Yemen and the American catastrophe in Syria.  And, praise be, America has its sticky fingers in all three.  Schumer and the other Centrists have been ever so helpful with that.

I live the cliche since one of my best friends was Jewish.  I don't recall him ever saying anything about Israel but he had volumes to say about his love of music which has never been matched in anyone else I've ever known or at least known that well.

Ed:  you will see him again

I see him now, mate.

Ed:  that must be a Zen thing

If you knew Ophir, tell me you can't see him too.  He got that Prophet V and he plays with such determination while he has his tongue between his teeth and a bit out of his mouth.  It's just the way he did it.

Zen Yogi:  I didn't even know him and I can see him

You're a jammin' kind of bear, Yogi.

I didn't know others so well but I've known many Jewish people and I never heard any say, "Man, when I grow up, I wanna go out to waste some fuckin' Palestinians."

Israel has been whacking Palestinians since 1947 so it seems like the topic should have come up in conversation somewhere.

Ed:  what about Chuck Schumer?

I don't know if he's Jewish.  I just know he's an asshole who calls people names without any basis for doing it except PAC money.


Anonymous said...

I guess you did not stay at WHHS very long to not hear the anti Palestinian rhetoric.

Kannafoot said...

I believe the flaw in your premise is that you're ascribing a Western concept of "separation of Church and State" to Middle Eastern nations in which such a concept not only doesn't exist but would be considered blasphemous to suggest. The fact is, Israel - by UN definition and by its own Constitution (not to mention the view of its Arab neighbors)is, indeed, a Jewish state.

As to Israel "whacking Palestinians since 1947" I would argue:

1. There's no such thing as a Palestinian any more than there is a Gobi Desertian. Palestine is (and always has been back into antiquity) a geographical region, not a nation. Jordan, Syria, Egypt, and Lebanon may have common cause to take exception to Israel's boundaries, but the so-called "Palestinians" do not.

2. The conflict with Israel that started in 1947 was initiated by those surrounding Arab states, not Israel. The continued support by those surrounding states of terrorist groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah are proof positive that Israel's strong military posture must be maintained. They're in an existential war and will likely be in one until we stop trying to straddle the fence and stop trying to find a two-state solution. There isn't one.

So yes, I agree with Schumer in this case. The anti-Israeli view is, in fact, anti-Semitic. Israel and Judaism are not separable.

Peas InOurThyme said...

Its Constitution can say what it likes but that doesn't obviate the fact Judaism is everywhere and Israel definitely is not.

Everything was a geographic region at one time but the the Brits and US put Israel into this one and there's been shooting ever since. Israel has since usurped almost all of the land designated Palestine at that time so there's no obvious evidence of a threat to Israel but it's a major threat to anyone around it.

That you agree with Schumer confirms my opinion he's a Republican pretending to be a Democrat. I'll take my chances with Jewish people I know calling me anti-Semitic and it's never happened yet.

Peas InOurThyme said...

CM, I remember participating in the sit-in (or one of them) for civil rights at WHHS but I don't call much else of the place. There was a real stiff of an English teacher but he definitely knew the language and earns a great deal of slack. Apart from that, it hardly registered at all. I was surprised to see most of the civil rights protesters were black but I was still new to the country and had not seen serious racism yet. There were hardly any black people in Davis, CA. Cincinnati sure changed all that and that's not to whack the place since nowhere here has a monopoly on racism.

Cadillac Man said...

I graduated from WHHS in 1968. I don't remember teachers or students talking much about Israel, Palestine or the Mid East. The Six Day War that Egypt lost in six days got some attention. The majority of the attention in the late sixties went to Civil Rights and Vietnam. I dated a Jewish girl for 2 years in college. I can't remember us ever talking about religion or politics. Our minds were on other things.

I agree with Kannafoot. While Israel is a state not a religion it is inhabitated by a 75%+ Jewish population. In addition, Israel and Jerusalem in particular is the sacred home now of Judaism. Israel is the only Jewish state with about 7 million of the 14 million Jews worldwide living there (about 6 million more live in the U.S.). Compare this to more than a billion Christians and Muslims each worldwide. The importance of Israel as a symbol of Judaism would equate to Mecca for Muslims or The Vatican for Roman Catholics. All are strongly associated with the religions they symbolize.

The Palestinian Territories were technically controlled by the British after World War I when the Ottoman Empire dissolved. The British were economically unable to support their Palestinian colonialists after WWII. Arabs were prominently involved in the colonial government. However, the U.S. was economically empowered after WWII and favored establishment of a Jewish state.
By agreement in 1946 with the British, the U.S. was able to secure the immigration of 100,000 displaced Jews to the territories. Thus, began a war between Arabs and Jews over who would control the territories. The British and U.S. technically stayed neutral. However,
much support was secretly given to the Jews by the U.S. Russia technically supported the Arabs but could not afford them much support. This ultimately led to Jewish victory and the establishment of the Jewish State of Israel in 1948. Thus began the seeds of conflict that continue today.

Peas InOurThyme said...

I was getting thrown out of WHHS in 1967 due to (cough) habitual truancy so there really wasn't much discussion of anything.

That Judaism associates strongly with Israel is irrelevant to me since it rolls religion into state behavior and that's just used to justify the slaughter in the Occupied Territories as if God told them to do it. What logic is this?

Palestine, regardless of whether it was a state, territory, or a crater on the Moon, was a recognized entity and America / Britain dropped into Israel into it. They've called themselves righteous for it ever since but it doesn't obviate the fact the only one who brought mercy to Jerusalem was Saladin. Witness the slaughter from the First Crusade.

Anonymous said...

I went to WHHS from 68 to 74. There were two favorite topic of the AV/Roselawn crowd promoting Isreal and fighting Soviet Jewery the latter culminating in the March on Washington 10 or 12 years after I graduated

Anonymous said...

I would not call selling, all the population that could not afford to pay the surrender ransom, into slavery as mercy.

Peas InOurThyme said...

I didn't catch that part, only that the First Crusaders slaughtered everyone there and Saladin did not although his reasons were more than simple humanitarianism.

Peas InOurThyme said...

68-74 opens for one of CM's favorite themes regarding one's frame of reference. It was only a few years after me but already the world had shifted enough that the frame of reference changed for the kids. From within mine ending in 69, there was the view of imminent death for a variety of reasons but quite a bit of that changed quickly as things wound down in Vietnam.