Friday, August 11, 2017

On the Championship Comedy in American Religion

Jesus of Nazareth was the good one and you know the story of him living his life doing good things, helping the poor, and all kinds of holy things.  Then the Hebrews tried him and the Romans whacked him.

Meanwhile, there's the Hebrew God who was a total prick and he whacked people quite a bit.  Some of y'all say they're the same but I don't see the family resemblance.

Many times Christians want to make a point about Jesus and quote something about the Hebrew God but then I ask wtf does that have to do with anything.  That's not even the right book since the Hebrews wrote that one (e.g. Leviticus).

Note:  for the best of Lewis Black and sardonic mordancy, check out his bit on this since he does it even better than Carlin.

Allah is presumably the same as the Hebrew God since Muslims regard Abraham, Jesus, Muhammad, etc as Prophets and not Deities.

Somehow Catholics rolled all that together and some number of you buy it that they're all one with the Holy Trinity, etc.  It's not my intention to mock it; I just don't believe it.

On the one hand, God was a total prick.  On the other, Jesus was the most happenin' hippie Socialist who ever walked the Earth.  Family resemblance:  zero.

Zen Yogi:  I don't get it with the Holy Ghost

Nobody does, Yogi.  Nobody ever paid attention to any ghost except Casper.

I'm acutely aware there are real Christians who come here and I don't mean the ones who send thoughts and prayers on social networks which only translate to, "Sucks to be you.  I'm not coming."

There's a vastly different faith in people who believe because it's a righteous thing to do and those who do it because they think they will get something out of it (i.e. stairway to Heaven, big bucks and great success, Lotto numbers, etc) and they can do whatever they like (e.g. bombing things) regardless.

I strongly differentiate real spirituality as I see in you all in your different ways and the Hollywood online kind of spirituality we see elsewhere (e.g. photo ops by politicians when they're praying).

Online spirituality is the expression of reverse transubstantiation insofar as a normal human can be drained of all empathy and consideration for others to become the new but entirely lifeless holiest of holies.  That's nothing to do with real spirituality; it's just an amusement they enjoy online.

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