Friday, August 11, 2017

And Video Killed the Zig-Zag Rolling Machine

Zig-Zag for 100mm of rolling bad ass.  They also make a 78mm model but those ones are just for rolling spliffs for your mother.

Ed:  or she rolls one for you

That might well happen and we're fine with that so long as everyone has attained the legal age of majority.  Prior to that time, we say lock her ass up.

I not only wore out the bad ass Zig-Zag machine, I broke it.  Check out the plastic frame since that looks like it should be unbreakable, right?  Negatory on that.

That entailed an immediate emergency run to the smoke store and that needed assistance as, believe it or not, I don't drive when blasted.  Thank you to Yevette and the result was a RAW rolling machine.

The RAW machine looks even more bad ass than the Zig-Zag and feels like it too.

I'm kind of proud of myself since who would have even thought it possible to wear out a rolling machine.  The reason it broke is reefer isn't like the old days with the leaf but rather it's with nugs which go into the grinder but that doesn't make the reefer powder.  It only makes the chunks smaller.  They can easily choke a rolling machine and, presto, it broke.

The RAW advertising says it's not made from that cheap Chinese plastic.   Noooo, this one is made in Indonesia from hemp plastic.


We know hemp and we know plastic.  We see they're not even close to the same thing so WTF?

Ed:  what did video have to do with this?

Video is typically the reason to roll one.  Smoking a spliff while editing text is stupid, wasteful, and disrespectful to Heaven's Own Herb.  Smoking the spliff with some video can be transcendental ... but highly-destructive to rolling machines.

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