Friday, August 11, 2017

Ensuring People Don't Believe Anything You Say About Hunger | The Guardian

Malnutrition due to poverty is common in America and it seems like The Guardian would take it seriously.  (The Guardian:  Hunger in America: 'When your eldest child skips meals, it’s no way to live')

Instead they present this:

Amy Knight poses with her 10-year-old daughter, Sage Gillis.

Photograph: Leah Nash for the Guardian

The example case study is so poor it's as though it's presented as a deliberate mockery since who will believe she ever skipped a meal in her life.  The kid is clearly overweight as well.

“You hope your kids have a better life than you. When you skip meals, and your eldest child skips meals, it’s no way to live. It’s miserable. I hate it,” said Knight.

- Guardian

Are you believing her?

Obesity is exacerbated by a poor diet but I didn't see anything substantive in the article on the matter. It looks like they're playing another round of neoliberal dodgeball.  There's a clear problem with obesity and it doesn't look like mother ever learned anything about good nutrition.  We see there's a definite problem to solve but the pseudo-liberalism of The Guardian isn't going to solve it.

Zen Yogi:  until you will face a problem, it will never be solved

You've got that right, Yogi.

Mother's below-minimum wage job is mentioned in the article but not all that much and that shouldn't be so surprising when neoliberal Centrists did not support increasing it to $15.00.  That would have nearly doubled her take home pay from what it is now.

Note:  call me a hard-ass, miserly bastard if you like but I live far below the poverty line.  Down here, we believe if you don't solve a problem smart then you don't solve it at all.  America hardly ever takes smart solutions because too many politicians get involved.


Cadillac Man said...

Genetics and disease (ie:thyroid problems) can be problems obese people fight. Poor nutrition plays a part. However, food is as addictive as drugs, alcohol or tobacco. For example, I can easily be tempted by a large slice of sugar and fat at the Cheese Cake Factory. For the last forty years, I go on a diet every five years. I lose 30-40 pounds. I then gain it back over the next five years and start over again. I don't drink, smoke, do drugs or gamble. I eat nutritionally most.of the time. However, I just can't resist that piece of cheese cake in my pic-n-nik basket. UH!

Anonymous said...

The minimum starting wage is almost $15 an hour now. Those that take a job under that lack the motivation to earn more.
Just out of curiosity I got hired at 62 years old at 2 warehouses making $14 per hour.
No background check hired at the end if a 45 minute interview. I lied about my work history to make it look fairly sketchy.
But employment isn't this families issues it is self control and learning realistic nutrition.
Scary that this picture is in a hunger article

Peas InOurThyme said...

Her kids provide plenty of motivation to earn more and my purpose is to improve the minimum wage to reduce the suggestion apparently coming from The Guardian that simply providing more food stamps will get it done.

Realistic nutrition knowledge is sparse when you can see obesity all over the place and it's not credible that all of that was caused by chemical problems but I do know of situations in which it was. In this case in which the daughter is clearly overweight as well, there's much more evidence of a problem with self-control and lack of knowledge than any type of glandular problem.

CM is right about your body being preloaded for gaining weight since I don't get tempted by cheesecake or sweets, etc but I have no idea why. I guess it must have been preloaded since I don't recall any particular lesson on it. In that way, I've been extremely lucky since weight really doesn't mean much to me except over the later years in trying to gain more.

It's difficult stuff and all the worse when any addictive nature in that context can be satisfied just about anywhere. My main point is we need to solve the problem at the right level or we probably won't help her at all and I do want to help her but I want it to work rather than patching a problem.