Friday, August 11, 2017

Most Ridiculously Expensive Motor Homes You May Ever See

Any of these vehicles will be sufficient to justify screaming at Lollapalooza, "I'm the richest bitch here and who's going to say I'm wrong?"

The Rockhouse doesn't like conspicuous consumption on basic principle but one of these would be highly damn cool at a rock show.

I know Lotho has been lusting after a bus or something similar but I doubt he's lusting so seriously he would pony up the Washingtons for one of these.  I just had two tiny observations on seeing the video:

Great video of the vehicles the rich drive when they want to go out into the world even though they have almost nothing to do with it.

Q.  why do they ever leave Manhattan?

- on YouTube

I think Lotho has a "Travels with Charlie" idea in mind and more will be there with them but the main situation is showing the Fairy Princess the world while she is in the extremely brief Time of Wonder.  That time isn't for learning about acquisition but rather gaining experience and it's been impressive how much his teachings focus on that.

You know the Time of Wonder, right?  That's when you can show them something and the coolness will blow them all the way around the rings of Saturn.  It appears he seeks things of that nature and so experience versus acquisition.

Ed:  the bus is a bit of an acquisitive thing!

She won't notice.  She's at most seven now and, for all she knows, everyone rides around in a bus.  One thing I'm sure Lotho notices is extremely high security in the bus.  A bear will eat someone in a sleeping bag long before the Fairy Princess in a bus.

Zen Yogi:  I don't eat people, only pic-a-nic baskets

You and I know that, Yogi, but the camper ... see, the camper doesn't know.


Anonymous said...

A cool RV that allows 6 to travel comfortably is about $150k.
That allows the Fairy Princess to be able to go the Tetons in style.
It allows my kids to fly put and meet us somewhere along the journey.
Tinkerbell is about to start her travels.
Maybe next spring with be the beginning

Peas InOurThyme said...

In my world, that's still an insane amount of money but it makes sense relative to those vehicles which try to make a statement about the owner.

This does sound like a "Travels with Charley" vibe and I know CM has similar thinking but in a different way.

Collecting experiences is kind of a sterile way to say it and the Zen of it is the goodness of it happening at all. It's got to be wonderful doing it and the doing is a marvel to behold.

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