Friday, August 11, 2017

Easy Jobs in America: Dental and Courtroom Divisions Plus NASCAR Bonus

Job:  Dentist
Pro:  makes good money
Con: it's boring like collecting golf balls
Offset:  you can do it when you're shitfaced

Dr. Gregory Bellotti, a dentist in western Pa., allegedly had a blood alcohol level of .418 percent -- more than five times the legal driving limit - when he ended up working on eight of 14 patients before his staff called 911 earlier this year.

He looks like a man who could be entrusted with sharp objects but they always do, don't they.

Penn Live:  Pa. dentist accused of drinking bottle of vodka before seeing patients

Patient:  please drink something besides vodka, doctor

Dr Bellotti:  why?

Patient:  so I know you're drunk and not just stupid

Old joke but it works fine for that out-of-control mutant.

Job:  Judge
Pro:  easy work which makes great money and requires no law school education (e.g. Simon Leis in Cincinnati)
Con:  gets little respect because they're elected
Offset:  stoners come to court to get high and watch the absurdity

Pot smoking in court

A surveillance still image shows the back row of the courtroom. The man who is seated and wearing a black jacket and a white T-shirt, was smoking a joint. A deputy can be seen pointing the man to the door on July 21, 2017. (MSCO)

Oregon Live:  Man smokes marijuana in Portland courtroom

Job:  NASCAR driver
Pro:  you get to drive 200 mph
Con:  you get to drive 200 mph
Offset:  the car radio conversation is sublime

Visualize the gay photographer as he tells her, "Show me some snark, Danica.  Show me your nasty stuff.  That's it.  Oh yes, yes, you are such a bitch."

Ed:  why is the photographer gay?

Because straight photographers just look at her hooters and she hates that shit.

CNN:  Danica Patrick Slams Kyle Busch During Race: 'Now I Know Why People Hate Him!'

The Rockhouse is not going to make a call on who were the cowboys or the Indians in this but both were fined for misbehavior so make of that whatever you like.

I like Danica Patrick because she's hot, she's got one hell of a bad temper, and she drives 200 mph.  She's not the fastest but anyone who can run with that crowd is categorically bad ass.

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