Saturday, June 17, 2017

"The Red Parasol | Edouard Vuillard | Mods by ML #Art

This was on a card from ML today and "The Red Parasol" was painted by Edouard Vuillard but ML has touched it up a little.

Here's roughly the same crop from the original.  Note:  these images are not to the original dimensions of the painting.

The original feels almost funereal and possibly because of the time when women typically weren't regarded as much more than servants.

ML wanted to bring life to the original and so she did, quite vividly.

You see the life that others miss
and give it blessing, the artist's kiss
You see colors when others are blind
and for this you were chosen
We don't know how that works
and it's not for us to say
so for us we will simply watch and wait
for what marvel next you play

- the Colonel (woof)

Some of the notes from the card are already accomplished and hopefully there was some vibe-making goodness in that since the thinking really does go both ways even when it may not seem so.

While there is physical isolation in this circumstance, I submit, fervently, it's better than the illusion of socialization in online networks.  I took a look an hour ago and there's almost total vacancy but maybe not quite as much as the Vatican bus for their Exorcism School.

They're not all dead and one posted this earlier:

It's no shock here since we've already lived it but the idea is scaring the online people even more so they seek all the more the illusion.  You're much better without it where we will own our loneliness and do something with it even if we just bounce it off a wall and feel sorry for ourselves because we will stop and then sometimes magic happens.  Sometimes a woman in a Red Parasol appears and, as soon as I saw her, I knew she was you.

The groups you mentioned are the real socialization with real people in the real world, all of whom have a positive purpose.  They know they won't make a million doing this but it doesn't stop them and they do it with all the more fervor.  Art is life is love, ever to be so.


Anonymous said...

Yes, "Witch in Wayfarers" was the modified name I gave it...and yes, it was me!
:) Much Love...Peace!

Peas InOurThyme said...

It had to be ... unmistakable! The concept is lovely in bringing light to the dark room since that dark vibe just wasn't happening. I still don't really get how you had the card printed but that was extremely cool!

Anonymous said...

I did not have the card printed...just modified it with a few of my magic tools. Treasure's an original one of it's kind modification. :)

Peas InOurThyme said...

That's funny for you but it's true for anyone lucky enough to have something you have done :)