Saturday, June 17, 2017

Greg Walcher Shows the Right Gets as Purple as Wankers from Guardian

Last fall, California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a law requiring his state to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions 40 percent below 1990 levels. That ratchets the state’s already severe limits down even tighter, now requiring a reduction to levels not seen since the 1950s or earlier. Some are beginning to understand that it cannot be done in the modern era without extreme new regulations, which could quite literally give the state power to control nearly every detail of life.

Daily Sentinel:  California’s economic suicide

Keerist, Greg Bob, it looks like we're really fucked ...

or not ...

Ratcheting the limits is something they did in the Inquisition to stretch people to make them confess, right?

It's taken as truth that the California limits are already severe when, in fact, Los Angeles presented some of the worst smog in the country and EPA limits have served to reduce that.  Whether you regard such limits as severe depends on whether you try to live in L.A. with any kind of lung impairment, I suppose.

Now those severe limits will get even tighter and we do hate tight things, don't we.  They're even taking the standard back to the 50s when, well, the air was miles cleaner ... millions of automobile miles cleaner, in fact.  It's really sounding awful so far.

Then we have the beauty part with some are beginning to understand since, obviously, only smart elitist punster boys like him could possibly grasp the enormity of the things he's being paid to write.

Next the defeatist with it can't be done and the reason these fucking regulations are just too extreme.

Then there's the golden beauty shining above it all.

which could quite literally give the state power to control nearly every detail of life

- GI

We love it when dime store journos add quite literally to something because it quite literally doesn't mean one damn thing; it's just another way to patronize you and intimidate you into believing the bullshit.  There's nothing in that which he has said about air quality control which extends out to a Fascist state with stormtroopers stomping about in hobnail boots.  For that kind of hysterical crap, we can take you to the local Clinton Prayer Group.

Sorry, Pink, but this guy is bloody rubbish.  After that first paragraph, I had no reason to continue.  When I want news, I want it straight up and you know from your own hard knowledge that hardly any pundit is doing that so we're surrounded by second-rate journos coloring the walls purple because each one thinks he or she is the Second Coming of Prince.  I keep listening but I don't hear "Purple Rain."

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