Friday, June 16, 2017

The Admirable Courage of Megyn Kelly

The drive behind this article came from the Daily Mail and it has the subtext, no-one slashes women like other women.  Here's the eyecatcher:

Daily Mail:  No laughing matter: Megyn Kelly loses almost half her audience in second week of NBC show and is beaten by a REPEAT of America's Funniest Home Videos)

Holy shit!  Megyn Kelly has only done of her new shows so far and they already want to start throwing dirt over her still-moving body to bury her.

The Rockhouse has never been a fan of Megyn Kelly previously in large part because Fox News taints everything it touches just as do most or all MSM outlets.  However, she broke away from that and now we see her as an independent woman.  She has a contract with NBC but that's largely about compensation; if they piss her off, she's still going to walk.

We were impressed by her interview with Vladimir Putin since it was level-headed and even throughout and this presented a substantial contrast relative to the constant hysterical din of Russia baiting and bashing from MSM.  Not surprisingly, MSM turned it around on her, even Christiane Amanpour, to say she was used as a tool by Putin to spread his propaganda.

Frankly, we're fed-up and insulted by that kind of patronizing rubbish since we will discern that which is propaganda and we're fully capable of doing it.  One thing we know specifically is suppression of alternative points of view is almost invariably one of the aims of propaganda and MSM does that with eager felicity and facility.

Matters went right off the Babble Meter with Megyn Kelly's show in which she will feature Alex Jones even though no-one has as yet seen the show.  Hysterical cries have come regarding presentation of the show but we note NBC is standing behind her and the show will be broadcast on Sunday.

The Rockhouse is well aware Alex Jones is some hellish rat bastard who was spawned in a filthy sewer somewhere but his eating habits are not at issue and the matter is how the fuck did he obtain such a large audience when almost nothing he says is true.

We see that as a fair question and the Rockhouse is curious to see whatever Kelly will present on that so we will try to watch.

Since there is so much hysteria on the matter, how about a disclaimer that the Rockhouse doesn't question anything about the official telling of what happened at Sandy Hook and we mean no offense of any kind to the parents who lost kids.  We do have a problem with that which came after Sandy Hook in terms of calls for gun control which never amounted to anything but that aspect goes beyond the scope of the concern of Megyn Kelly's show or this article.

The aspect of no-one slashes women like other women is largely based on the Right Column People since Brit tabloids love to use those for the side boob pics of wannabe stars, etc.  Those pics will almost universally present body images many couldn't possibly achieve and we assume it's mostly women who read those rubbishy tabloids but do not know that for sure.  We also assume women write them but we do not know that for sure either.  In any case, if it's something nasty about women, the Daily Mail will hardly ever miss it.

For example, Megyn Kelly went to see her New York dermatologist yesterday and this came from the Daily Mail as well.  (Daily Mail: Putting on her best face! Megyn Kelly pops into Park Avenue skin care clinic after defending decision to interview Alex Jones by saying 'I have to do my job')

So, mates, just wtf does one fact have to do with the other.

That bit might even have had value if they had presented it accurately.  Megyn Kelly is a fair-skinned, blonde and is taking active steps to ensure there is no skin damage from the sun.  It's strongly recommended that all women in such a circumstance should show such sensibility on the matter.

The alternative is to be Hugh Jackman who had some live skin cancer removed from his nose and the Daily Mail went ooh, ahh, at one of their favorite studs.  The fact of it is he's already fucked and the cancer will be back.  Your hope after it has already presented lies in constant monitoring so any future skin cancer will be detected before it has a chance to become a melanoma.

Megyn Kelly does precisely that which she needs to be doing for good health and the Daily Mail tried to make the action smell bad.


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