Saturday, June 17, 2017

And Now for Everyone's Favorite: Guaranteed Universal Income #Politics

The Guaranteed Universal Income is again in the news because Hawaii is considering implementing such a thing.  (RT:   Hawaii may become first US state to adopt basic income)

The bill, titled House Concurrent Resolution 89, was brought by Hawaii State Representative Chris Lee and was passed by both houses of the state legislature in a unanimous vote.

The resolution declares that all the islanders “deserve basic financial security.”

It also orders government offices to weigh the state's economy and find ways to ensure all families have basic financial security, including an evaluation of different forms of a full or partial universal basic income.

- RT

Their premise is noble but we need a reason before anyone will touch it.

According to Lee, the measure is necessary due to Hawaii’s excessive cost of living, which is reportedly the highest in the country, as well as the state’s heavy reliance on low-paid service industry jobs.

The bill reportedly keeps focus on Hawaii's service-focused economy, vulnerable to any disruptions that might be brought by job-killing tech change, including e-trading and automation of basic service processes.

The idea of a UBI, first proposed in the US by former President Richard Nixon in 1969, is widely debated with critics saying that free money may lead to more lax attitude about work. Moreover, such a program is almost impossible to finance.

- RT

Note:  I was not aware of Richard Nixon's original proposal so there's a novel view of the history of the concept.

From the summary, you see The Problem to Solve is generic across America and the world in large part due to globalization.  The Middle Class is shrinking as wealth concentrates on the top but the Working Class is needed to do whatever the Upper Class isn't willing to do.

That problem is compounded by the Age of Robos and there's agreement with Kannafoot regarding the advent of it if not necessarily the speed at which it advances.  The Robos will crush a whole lot of jobs and that aspect is easily foreseeable regardless of the time scale.

I do believe a whole lot of restructuring is coming up and that goes with the idea the current system is way too top heavy. It's a standard bit but I believe germane given a whole lotta people with nothin' to do. Social dysfunction goes through the roof, etc, etc. Leaving any type of action on something of that nature to the last minute seems a determinedly bad idea.

- Silas

It's the part of globalization nobody stops to consider. Standard of living, cost of living, and median income are all intertwined. What the introduction of the modern global economy does, though, is it dramatically reduces median income. It will take time, but that will ultimately drag down standard of living as an economic equilibrium is sought amongst all participants in that global market. You can't eliminate jobs and ship jobs to low income markets without also impacting the standard of living locally. It may take a generation or two, but the impact will certainly be felt.

- Kannafoot

In case you're not one of the regulars, the Rockhouse will never take anyone's comments out of context to try to change their meaning.  The above is exactly what he wrote.

The above follows the fundamental question of given this wonderful GUI, how is the state to pay for it.

There's no need for the commentary on that one since there wasn't much and you know the truth of it.

The Left wants to cut the military back to defensive size, etc and the Right wants to cut social programs (e.g. MEDICARE) which, in effect, is political suicide.  That plays to an impasse so there's no point in continuing except to say it will get resolved; people just haven't been clever enough to do it yet and the Rockhouse submits it's because too few take a long view of anything.

Regardless of the long term resolution, the problem is recognized there will probably need to be some form of GUI and it's recognized by both teams.

Kannafoot and I are old and useless plus no-one listens to us anymore ... because we're old and useless ... so the Millennials will solve the problem.  I do have confidence they will but neither I nor apparently Kannafoot have an answer for how it will happen.

As a brief example of why they will solve it, I contacted The Raven earlier to confirm the last four of a cell number since I wasn't sure which was current.  We talked a little of his great happiness just now so of course I suggested making many babies.  He said eventually and of course I wished him well but he's been married a month or so now so that's plenty of time to have started at least one baby, right?

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