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A Brief History of the CIA #History @NSA/Gov #Politics

The CIA history began in 1953 in Iran when they along with the U.K. organized a coup which overthrew the legally-elected leadership and replaced it with the monarchy of the Shah.  That pattern of toppling Leftist governments to replace them with right wing puppets has been throughout the CIA history.  (RT:  Documents shedding light on CIA-orchestrated Iranian coup of ’53 released by State Dept)

Some neolib:  why is it necessary to dredge up this ancient history?

Because you're repeating it, darlin'.  Please try to pay attention this time since the history is real.

The salient point about the Iranian coup is the CIA did not officially recognize the truth of reports of their engagement until 2013, sixty years after it happened ... and yet people put James Clapper, Keith Alexanders, et al on stage in front of the Senate then shout, "Praise and Hallelujah for finally we shall hear the truth."

It's only through an obstinate ignorance of American history, that of the land they say the love so much, which would ever permit believing a word the CIA has ever said on anything.

No need for insulting anyone by flogging the details but some of the standout moments for the CIA are as follows:

1953 - coup in Iran set off instability in the Middle East which has continued to this day and with the loss of countless lives toward no good end of any kind

1961 - disastrous Bay of Pigs invasion in Cuba which was one more aspect of the CIA's continuous but ultimately incompetent attempts to assassinate Fidel Castro

1963 - assassination of Salvador Allende in Chile which ushered in the Pinochet reign of terror for next sixteen years

In all of these events, the purpose was to overthrow a left wing government.

The salient point to all of the CIA's history is its trademark has been manifest incompetence with never a moment's consideration for the truth of anything they ever said.  There is no mystical deep state; there is only the CIA, the worst enemy you ever had and that includes everyone in the world when their only mission is right wing domination, the most common ambition of despots throughout global history.

That neolibs and neocons take the testimony of the CIA / FBI as Gospel, isn't surprising since they have shown multiple times they will believe anything and they never read.  The best discussion of the last few days has been with Kannafoot, an arch-Republican, but he's not of the neocon variety and he knows the history implicitly.  There are some areas in which agreement is extremely unlikely (e.g. abortion) so both of us have enough sense to avoid such topics which have a high probability of a blood bath.  Even if only limited to this arena, it's recognized a war only means everybody dies so here lies Kannafoot and there lies Silas.  The End (sob)

That's also the Rockhouse contention for any large-scale war in the modern age and there's not likely to be such willing agreement to truces in that context but definitely so on the field of individual combat.  A debate is combat and it's the same as chess since it's not sufficient to defeat an opponent; we must destroy his will to resist and ultimately his will to live.  Glory

The Rockhouse doesn't consider any of the Regulars to be neo anything in any political context.  Ithaka would not have lasted if any were extant out there since they're incredibly dangerous due to their obtuse knowledge of history and their unidimensional views of faults (i.e. it's either them or us and there's never thinking maybe we're all responsible).  They're the ones who bring down the Facebook Swarm Effect which the Rockhouse regards as one of the most dangerous threats to human existence since the discovery of communicable disease.

Ed:  rubbish hyperbole!

Oh, really.  Facebook alone is said to have two billion members so define communicable, if you please.

Therefore, the Rockhouse holds focus on the Regulars out here in a world in which things need to last more than the 24-hour cycle of the online Groundhog Day in which everything is forgotten by morning.

That's the context in which I write and it's the reason I write it here since it will be here tomorrow and years after that.  Regardless of whether I'm here, the words will be.  It's not that I believe I have some holy mission but I'm not willing to write anything if it will only flutter away in an irrelevant online breeze.

With all that in mind, there's one more article to write as it goes too distant from the CIA to have value in the current context and that one resulted in excellent discussion with Kannafoot.

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