Monday, May 15, 2017

Wanna Cry is the Gift Which Keeps on Weeping

Vladimir Putin made a cogent observation.  (RT:  Putin: Malware created by intelligence services can backfire on its creators)

The ransomware that hit computers across the world could backfire on its creators, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in Beijing, adding that the implications of the global hack attack need to be discussed on a political level.

The ransomware was apparently developed in the US, Putin said. “Microsoft’s management has made it clear that the virus originated from US intelligence services,” the Russian president stressed.

Putin added that launching cyber-viruses is “lifting a lid” that "could backfire on those who developed and created them," including intelligence agencies.

- RT

Well, you know, Vlad, buddy, it already backfired on at least two hundred thousand computers around the world.  However, the Rockhouse wouldn't classify it as a backfire so much as a global American Intel stink fart.

Russian President Vladimir Putin © Mark Schiefelbein / Reuters

That's a perfectly fair shot after America's NSA wrote the exploit which broke Microsoft's code.  It's even more the fair shot after all of the rubbish about Russian hacking which has become a more generic excuse for every problem in America than oh, gee, the computer is running slowly today.

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