Monday, May 15, 2017

Bhaskar Sunkara Shows Some Liberals Did Not Become Nong Nongs

For quite some time it has seemed the neoliberals are like the L.A. smog which rolls in but doesn't roll out.  However, there are some junior liberals who did not get smoked by it and Bhaskar Sunkara appears to be one of them.  (The Guardian:  Why the 'alt-left' will succeed where centrists fail)

Off the top, the Rockhouse finds these twee labels of alt-right / alt-left abhorrent.  Alt-right refers to KKK Facists who hate kikes and mackerel snappers alike.  They're the night riders, America's own homegrown terrorists.  Alt-right, my dyin' ass ... that sounds like something for when Windows fucks up ... again.

Alt-left is equally abhorrent since we're the Liberals and always were.  That various satanic forces turned the word into drone bombing, civil rights killing, political maggots does not change the word; it only means some defile it.

Also, don't accept this sleazy cop of being a 'centrist' since it's a binary situation:  you're a bomber or you're not.

‘Liberal commentators are wary of certain forms of anti-establishment populism.’

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Wary?  They're scared to fucking death of it.

Could you be a member of a political conspiracy without even knowing it? I’ve found out in recent months that I’m a member of the “alt-left”. Commentators like Vanity Fair’s James Walcott try to break down the movement’s main currents: a handful of randos on Twitter, Glenn Greenwald, Susan Sarandon, Tulsi Gabbard and Cornel West.

Not bad company, if I do say so myself. For Walcott, what we all share is a soft spot for Russia, a kind of “Trumpian” rhetoric that attacks cultural liberalism and a shocking opposition to the “CIA/FBI/NSA alphabet-soup national-security matrix” he so trusts.

- Guardian

In fact, you're a member of the Democratic Party, Bhakar, and the only conspiracy is the one which poisoned it.

Analytically, the label doesn’t make sense. After all, the United States doesn’t have a labor-based party, much less a socialist one. In its stead, we’ve had the Democratic party, and mainstream Democrats have never had much interest associating themselves with the left.

Feisty internet reactionaries faced off against Beltway conservatives and traditionalists, dubbing themselves the “alt-right”, but there was no doubt that an actual “right” existed before them. On the left, though, who are we the “alt” to?

- Guardian

Once people were drawn into that long-winded Washingtonian pooch screw, no-one had any idea what a Democrat was anymore except those who always have been Democrats.

Ed:  many old timey Democrats flipped

In which case, they weren't Democrats, were they, matey, mate.  Hillary Clinton was calling for war in Iraq like she was Dick Cheney's favorite comfort girl and yet she calls herself a Democrat?

Bullshit.  Democrats don't forget betrayal like that.  Obama has been bombing the Middle East like he's part of Dick Cheney's Goon Squad.  Same thing.

Ed:  life is a long sequence of betrayals!

Well, that's certainly been true since Bill Clinton.

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