Thursday, May 25, 2017

Uncle George Gives Us Four Simple Ways to Solve the Problems | George Carlin

A fifth problem is also solved since this gives an answer on what to do with the Midwest which hasn't exactly been distinguishing itself.

The idea of fencing off an area of land to use as Coventry probably didn't first come from Robert Heinlein but it's maybe the only way to deal with the ones which can't be fixed.  Chuck them over the wall into Coventry and Uncle George can tell you the rest.

Even if you're a conservative, you probably won't have a problem with his suggestions because, after all, Uncle George is the only one for years who has really known what's happening.

And one more since he's fun for the whole family.

What's more of a family sport than war when we spend more than half our money on it but that's ok because, as Uncle George reminds us, we like war.

And to think once we were satisfied with the Ed Sullivan Show.

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