Thursday, May 25, 2017

I'm Deeply Sorry, Mystery Lady

I haven't seen anything outside the clam shell in it seems like months and I apologize for how that may have seemed.  The Situation is at the bottom of it and I'm not blaming it; that's just the fact of it and I couldn't deal with anything else.

There's much more than that which appears on the blog but I wouldn't ever go into that except by voice.  There are still things happening which are impossible to handle but breaking out of the silence around The Situation is vital.

There's immense pressure to produce at every moment since there's a strong feeling there's little time.  Pulling that back to a level which doesn't simply fly off into mania is an active work process.

The Comments haven't been reviewed in most of that time because I've been so over-amped by everything even that I thought would be an overload.

I don't mean to excuse anything but I do mean to explain and most of all, I'm deeply sorry at any hurt I may have caused.

This may seem like a flip idea but I heard it forty years ago and it's meant a great deal to me.

"Work does nothing for the content of one's life but at least it gives it structure" - Nelson

Unknown if that's original

That was largely the response with me through all of this in work like hell through the midst of chaos and at least that may make sense.

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