Sunday, May 14, 2017

The Start of the U.S. / Saudi Oil Wars

OPEC has asked nicely for America to back off on oil production so OPEC can stabilize prices at fifty or sixty dollars per barrel.  Big Oil in America is laughing until tears run down its fat cheeks.  (CNN:  OPEC to U.S.: Please don't pump so much oil!)

Saudis who have taken some brief time off from genocide against Yemeni people

This is where it all starts getting really funny since America has been buddy buddy with these Saudis while they were whacking Iraqis but they thought that meant we give a shit about them and we so fuckin' don't.

Ed:  they raise great horses, tho

Well, there's that much at least.  So go to Saudi, buy your horse ... then leave (shrug).

Is anyone seriously going to tell me the fracking and shale oil are not being used as an act of war?

America won't listen to OPEC about reducing production.

Ed:  why not?

Maybe you haven't been paying attention, mate, but America never listens to anyone.  If they disagree with the Pope, they dump his fat ass.  (Ithaka:  The Odd Case of Pope Francis' Stealthy Visit to Fatima)

Ed:  that's because the Vatican was hacked by Russians and now Pope Francis is trying to undermine the Presidency!

Of course but just try to imagine how fed-up we are with lame, unsubstantiated trash talk about Russians.

Ed:  the Paris Climate Accord was hacked by Russians as well?

Yes.  They seek to undermine American industry.  You will love this next reference, I'm sure.  Aromatic pollutants emitted during combustion and wood burning contribute to the formation of brown clouds

The original Rockhouse interest in the article was that burning wood isn't even close to as green as many think but the paper goes well beyond that.

Aerosol particles suspended in the air of urban environments typically reduce visibility, interact with sunlight by scattering and absorbing radiation, and lower air quality. In addition, these tiny particles can also contribute large pollution plumes, called "brown clouds", which have been observed to originate over South Asia in recent years and undergo long distance transport by the wind to reach other continents. The particles in brown clouds are composed by an unhealthy and variable mix including ozone and organic molecules found in smoke.

- PO

Oh, joy, it makes pollution so bad it can cross the ocean.

Europe doesn't have to undermine America's industry since coal pollution can easily do that so it looks like the momentum behind the Paris Climate Accord is self-defense against America's pollution.

Ed:  they make pollution of that nature as well!

Europe seeks to control it as in another flagrant violator, India.  As you see at the top, America doesn't listen to anyone.

Ed: bring on the brown clouds?

The acid rain is a treat too, isn't it.

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