Sunday, May 14, 2017

SaveMe Oh w/ Visual Interpretations of Stockhausen by Michi Renoir #secondlife

SaveMe Oh's designs were presented in concert with Maestro Michi Renoir performing the music.  (SoundCloud:  Stockhausen ala carte)

Inspired by Mondrian (perhaps) and taken to surrealism by SaveMe Oh.  I could tell you she is a genius ... but she wouldn't like it so pretend that never happened.

The geometrics are disturbing for me and that's true for multiple people.  Yep, there's a gene for that and the expression is something so simple as the regular pattern of grillwork may trigger migraines in some.

Now I turn it to me since I've thought but don't know for sure that my salad days (i.e. with LSD in them) are why looking at a flat white wall reveals multiple things.  It's not white and it moves.  I'll see that phenomenon in any expanse of a monochrome color, regardless of whether I'm buzzed.  If I'm buzzed, it just moves more.  It's not disturbing, just unusual, and, wtf, who needs TV.

The interest in the gene is insofar as I don't know if this is just a residual from the trippin' times.  The LSD days were long back but mushroom trippin' was happening up until about five years ago.

Note:  I would probably still drop but the mushrooms don't turn up too much.

Maybe everyone sees the phenomenon; maybe a few people see it; maybe I'm the only freak.  It doesn't make any difference either way but there's no way to know since what does anyone else see.

Should you go to Second Life, you may get an extraordinary sampling of what other people see and that's not the same question but it's fascinating to behold.

The work SaveMe Oh does is hardly ever static since either it moves, she moves within it, or possibly both.

Ed:  but you don't call her a genius?

Noooo, she would hate that.  If you tell her you wouldn't take this crap to a Starving Artist Sale at a Flea Market then she has some content and she can work with it.

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