Sunday, May 14, 2017

When Death by Lethal Injection is Too Painful, Then What

Georgia is going to execute J.W. Ledford Jr. on May 16 because, like Texas, they enjoy the executions but the fellow has thrown a bolt into the works by protesting the use of a lethal injection, instead saying they should shoot him because it would hurt less.  (CNN:  Inmate seeks execution by firing squad, says lethal injection too painful)

J.W. Ledford Jr. is scheduled to be executed Tuesday, May 16, in Georgia.

The Georgia attorney general's office replied Friday there was no proof a firing squad would be less painful and contended there was "no substantial risk" he would suffer severe pain in a Georgia execution by lethal injection.


That's bullshit since three states (OH, OK, AZ) have butchered executions by lethal execution so badly they dragged out for thirty minutes or more.

"Plaintiff has waited until the eve of his execution to suddenly claim that he has been treated for pain with medication that will allegedly interfere with his execution, ..." the state's lawyers wrote. "If plaintiff really thought the firing squad was a reasonable alternative he could have alerted the State years, instead of 5 days, before his execution."


So there's the wimpiest of all possible, the It's Too Fuckin' Hard objection.

Perhaps we could review.  How fuckin' hard do you think it would be to find five crackers in Georgia to volunteer to whack him.  Georgia is the same state which whacked Martin Luther King, after all.

You know how it goes with those wacky Georgia peaches, huh; they're such a zany lot.

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