Friday, May 26, 2017

The Schematic on the Moves

If My Duck Soup goes away then that wipes off the last path back to Ithaka

Therefore, Mystery Lady would not be able to find her way back even if she had that purpose.

It's now paid and that cost was anticipated so I don't like it but I was ready for it.

Ithaka is somewhat in suspended animation and it's not my purpose to destroy it and walk away but rather stop updating it.

Stopping altogether only comes to the same result were she to return and still find no response.

Therefore, keep it alive on a general basis to pursue this in whatever other way I can.

With those two in place, nothing is wasted and no bridges are down.  That's all.  This is not a complex schematic.

There's deep danger of a Romeo and Juliet situation and I'm acutely aware of it.

Things come in rhyme since it's easier and they're not much expounding, propounding, or compounding but say it with immediacy.

A dozen or so science articles are queued and they're highly interesting to me but they can wait or evaporate, it makes no difference just now.

The last move is to try a card since there are no remaining options but the last one didn't get delivered and that was a failure I still don't understand.  The answer to that is to send two or three since one of them must get through.

This is unfamiliar ground or at least for a long time since I haven't used the landline for anything except calling medical people in so long there's no point in even trying to remember.  Apart from that crew, the only one I ever meet that way is Mystery Lady.

She probably didn't see I wasn't responding to any Comments but she probably didn't read other articles in which they were present.

Relationships show up in Venn Diagrams and you have probably seen this in all kinds of applications.

Many of our interests are different but the best ones are the same.

So she probably didn't read them since the articles didn't match her interests and that's not a failing so it would have been easy to miss the lack of response to other Comments.

There's going to be a different perception of Ithaka depending on which parts you read.

Suddenly there's another possibility since I know she enjoys YouTube so that means Father Anonymous needs to speak.  I'm not trying to be shady, I'm just not willing to be seen.

Putting her name into the title of it almost certainly wouldn't work since the probability is zero she would search on that basis.  The first move is to do the video and then consider whether there's any value in putting it online.

Father Anonymous isn't going to mess you up, hack computers, or anything of that nature.

That looks like the next move since I'm coming up dry on any others.

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