Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Neoliberals: If You Don't Hate Me Yet, You Fucking Will -- @VetsForPeaceCFL

Ed:  they don't read this stuff!

They do see it and for one after the other tonight they bounced off it.  This technique does work.

Ed:  for what?

Alienating them and getting rid of them.

Ed:  I don't want this shit either!

Well, the solution is easy.  Go forth and whack neoliberals and we won't have a problem, will we.

Ed:  why aren't you hammering Trump supporters?

Hey, I gave you multiple stories on Trump supporters shooting themselves in their penises with their own guns.  We're not concerned about them since they're devolving even faster than neoliberals and they eliminate our problem for us by taking themselves out of it and we're endlessly amused when they do it with their own guns.

Oh, gee, that bloody great hole in your penis must really hurt, huh?  Tell me, Deluded Brother, how do you feel about gun control now?

Ed:  neoliberals don't shoot anyone!

That's bullshit since they find the conservative idiots who believed the bullshit from the Pentagon about a pro military and send them to do the shooting instead.  Imagine my respect for neoliberal courage and the filthy duplicity of it.

Ed:  when will you defend our troops?

I'll do that at any tick of the clock .... by bringing them home where neoliberals cannot capriciously get them killed.  They're my vet brothers and sisters, regardless if they got conned a different way, and it fucking bites my ass that Washington cowards can so blithely send them to die.

Ed:  there are no cowards in the Pentagon!

Bullshit.  Just try to find one of them on a battlefield somewhere.  Won't ever happen.

They graduate from West Point and then do the Westminster Dog Show for the fake badges and emblems and then go to the Pentagon covered in colorful badges which look like medals and they're deeply familiar with Dog & Pony Shows.  They rarely see any significant action anywhere but you can't keep them off the stage with Hillary Clinton.

Ed:  why do they show up for Donald Trump's Dog & Pony shows?

For the same reason the troops show up for the ones Kim Jong-un uses for his parties; they're under orders.  Unlike the generals, the troops typically follow their orders whereas the generals are as disloyal as any traitors America has ever endured.

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