Monday, February 20, 2017

Live from Atlantic City, NJ | Buddy Hackett | Riddled with Thoughtcrime

Buddy Hackett and Redd Foxx were said to be the raunchiest comedians in America at one time and it's your call for who takes the title.  The act must have been recorded years ago but I'm sure you will find it satisfactorily offensive.

Even though it's more polished, it's easily sufficient to offend due to complete disregard for political correctness which applies to more than just politics.

Ed:  thoughtcrime?

Guilty as charged.

Lenny Bruce opened it for any kind of material which went beyond the mainstream and just about everything he did was thoughtcrime.  They were making more things crimes just to bust him again and Lenny Bruce paid the hardest dues for comedy anyone ever did but he was one comedy's greatest geniuses (and bravest).

The whole point of comedy is thoughtcrime ... or it's bad comedy.

Lenny Bruce was Pussy Riot before those girls were even conceived.  Pussy Riot didn't do so badly after prison but the state was out to break Lenny Bruce and eventually he died.

Note:  Lenny Bruce was as much destroyed by heroin as the state.  Whether one problem exacerbated the other is way beyond the scope.

Thoughtcrime came up because Milo Yiannopoulos got busted for political correctness by the right this time.  He was to speak somewhere or other but the invitation was withdrawn after some videos were aired over the week-end.  The pitch is he endorsed pedophilia but making jokes about it isn't an endorsement.  Even so, he's fired for thoughtcrime.  (CNN:  CPAC rescinds Milo Yiannopoulos' invitation after swift backlash)

Ed:  do I detect sympathy?

Don't be getting all sentimental on me, Dagwood.  The concern is process so think Patrick Henry and defense of his right to say it.  He's got a right even if his thoughts are fucking stupid.

Ed:  what about the fires to shut him down at Berkeley?

That was great anarchy but it was pointless when really it was the same thing in busting him for thoughtcrime.  Those are the liberals Bill Maher is ever so fond of ridiculing and the ones Yiannopoulos is so fond of baiting.

There's all kinds of blather about their politics but they're comedians; if they're not funny then they're history.

Ed:  or they're Dennis Miller?

He's a sad case when he's capable of thoughtcrime but is too pussy to go for it so he becomes the Resident Wiseacre for Fox News.

Ed:  thoughtcrime permits NAZIs!

Thoughtcrime permits just about anything and it's the people who permit NAZIs.  Using the idea thoughtcrime subverted my will only means your will is weak.  Permitting the state to regulate thoughtcrime only means you have given your will away.

Sorry about the pedantry but talk of censorship bites my ass when there are few things more fundamental to the nature of America than freedom to speak.  Any curtailment of that is necessarily also an attack on the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the will of the Forefathers.

Ed:  what about Yiannopolouos?

What about him?  He seems to spew the standard Trump Twaddle plus he has reprised the Flaming Faggot from the Eighties but he's witty enough to make an act out of it.  That sounds thin for working career comedy out of it but good luck to him.

He's irrelevant to the fundamental.  Using him or anyone else as an excuse for censorship is not to be tolerated.

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