Saturday, May 27, 2017

Due to the Heat Advisory Today, Silas Will Go to Market Anyway ... But Early

The only reason for comment is Fort Worth hit 98F yesterday which is just a shade under 37C and getting into a car which has been out in the sun will suck the life out of you faster than a Commencement address.

However, yesterday was not announced as possessed of a Heat Advisory whereas tomorrow is definitely charted that way.  The Rockhouse thinks that's a little weird but, wtf, that's Texas.

I didn't see a response yesterday to the idea of a whole-house fan.  Typically, such a fan will be mounted centrally in a hallway in the house on its highest floor.  The Silas wants fresh air in a house and as much as possible but that isn't possible when it gets too hot to breathe it.

Ed:  you can stay in it if you don't go up and down with that since that will just confuse the bejeebers out of your bodily bizness

Right you are and hence the suggestion of a whole-house fan.  I do not know positively they would deliver what they promise but I heard plenty of recommendations for a highly cost-effective solution.

Ed:  that does nothing for humidity

Rhode Island doesn't get as thick as Cincinnati and Midwest in general because it's got some real sea breeze action happening but both are way thicker than Texas.

The pitch from the Pros in Providence were keep the air moving and that will do it for you.  I do believe that's true but I can't give total Rockhouse validation to that, only a strong belief.

Cat has been to Africa at least a few times and I'm not sure where the party was headed but it was in a local car and the driver said turning on the air conditioning will only make it worse.  According to her, that really works and she was coming from Bavaria which is hardly one of the world's hot spots for temperature.

This was much like the Cat Cruise from some time way back:

She dearly loved her bus and she drove it until it just wasn't possible to maintain it anymore but she passed it along to some young 'uns who thought they might get it rolling again so it may yet be rolling about Europe.

There's probably all the air conditioning you want in this vehicle from winding the windows down.

I have one more note on the visual since her actual Cat Cruise had been emblazoned back to front by every hippie who took a notion to do it so she was driving a live version of Ken Kesey's Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test.

She and her boy often went off for adventures in her bus and I couldn't possibly do justice to her delivery since she's hysterically funny in her manner as she describes them.  She could own any comedy stage on the planet without swearing, jabbing, or invoking our dear Lord.  She only has to tell the story of what happened and you will be crying laughing.

Note:  ask her about the Italian taxi driver who wanted to adopt her because she needed to find a horse and things got a bit skew whiff in the planning so she was forlorn like someone standing on the edge of the Golden Gate Bridge and saying, "Oh, I just wanted some sun."

I'm tellin' you, mates, if Cat ever takes that act public then do not miss it.  Tip:  don't let Mystery Lady near the 151 Rum.

Bad idea - One who knows (larfs)

Ed:  it's a bad idea to let anyone near the 151 Rum!

Fair enough

You might even ask Cat about Africa but you will be laughing so hard you will probably forget your question.

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