Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Defense Against Neoliberals: Science

Ithaka needs to increase the presence of science articles.

Ed:  why?

Because we like them and neoliberals won't read them.  Ithaka feels a responsibility to give neoliberals something more intelligent to ignore than the average pundit preacher they eat up like they're at Taco Bell.

Ed:  drive them out of here with something you like.  Could work.  By the way,  if you go with materials science just to piss them off, I'm outta here!

It's not necessary since they're from the Calculator Generation and those puffballs think it's science when we do long-form division.  Why do you think it was so easy to bullshit them ... their handhelds meant it was no longer necessary to analyze anything anymore ... and they don't.

Some of you have complained of that in your own kids.  You love the much-enlarged versions of the crumbsnatchers they once were but it has been biting your asses that their thinking doesn't go too deep.  That's not a blanket charge or any kind of charge, actually, since I relate that which you have told me.

It's the fundamental conundrum of the modern age ... if Millennials ever do invent Artificial Intelligence, how the fuck would they ever recognize it.

Maestro, rim shot, please.

As you have seen, the current pitiful attempts at A.I. represent typical neoliberal Mary Poppins crap which they write with less regard for the safety of it than the NSA in writing exploits in Microsoft code.

Ed:  how so?

Their A.I. has been bereft of any aspect of The Three Laws of Robotics since the researchers are building them with no more regard for the consequences than Oppenheimer when he built the first bomb.

A.I. is being written with the same disregard for the result as the Lindens for Second Life where their attitude has been hands-off, let it do whatever it will; it's evolution, man.

Evolution works in at least two ways.  One of them is toxic mutations almost always die.

Ed:  I see the punchline and do not fucking pull it or we start shooting.



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