Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Li'l Nicola Crosley Only Needs a Few More Lesbian Orgies for the Greatest Hits

Li'l Nicola Crosley has come such a long way since she started on the day-to-day and zoomed so she's collected about 840 hits.  She only needs a few more to push out Joe the Diseased Lung.

I did think Joe was cool and he was John Oliver's idea so I carried through on it.  I like to think there was some public service in it because fuck Marlboro.

Ed:  how does that help li'l Nicola's Lesbian Orgy vibe if you boost the competition?

The Rockhouse has confidence Lesbian orgies will top Joe's Diseased Lungs and it's inevitable since sooner or later, most likely sooner, Joe's goin' to the box.

Ed:  you will put him there?

Nah as he put himself there.

Ed:  you're Joe?

Honest, I thought that was obvious.  I smoked cowboy killers all my life so whom else would he be (larfs)

I can tell you with solid authority Joe likes Lesbian orgies much more than diseased lungs.

Ed:  well, that's a hell of a recommendation and your article doesn't even give up any Lesbian orgies!

Nope but I do think it's funny to consider them.

See, Nicola saw Mister Rogers as a kid and she thought, whoa, I'm going to try that with Lesbians.  The comedy isn't the Lesbians but that she wants to be taken as a serious journalist.  We just love that part.

Please do help li'l Nicola spread her public service word about Lesbian orgies because God will love you for it.

Ed:  God hates Lesbians!

Bullshit.  Show me that in the Bible, Mac.  It ain't there.

Lotho:  if you go Howard Stern with this then we push the button

And rightly so since there's no point and you know the truth about the Bible and Lesbians.

Howard Stern always sounds kind of desperate to me.  The Rockhouse isn't desperate; we just don't give a fuck and we don't have to because we don't make a dime on writing this.

Ed:  you're an idiot!

Oh, really.  Show me truth from those who do get paid for this.

We believe, li'l Nicola, tho.  We believe her orgies with Killing Kittens are real but the comedy for us is seeing her need to write about it.

Help the li'l chippie hang about for the ages.  She wants it soooo badly.

Ed:  help you mock her?

Was it so hard to see??  (larfs)

About 840 other people got it.  The majority is always right, you know (larfs some more).

Ithaka ... still the only blog with a laugh track

Ed: or needs one

Again, my lament (sob)

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