Friday, May 26, 2017

"Captain America and the Baboon's Suicide" #poetry

You thought you had it made, Billy
You thought you would survive
and sure you have lots of money
but you're really not alive
when your thoughts are only TV
and your mind has gone to sleep
we could try to have some adventure
but there's no chance it gets too deep

There's only life in sharing
it's how the tribe has always been
and some things may turn over
but our species needs that scene
and some try to change the feature
to something serving them
but the tribe doesn't run on money
and it's never run on whim

There's altruism in suicide for a monkey
but that doesn't come anymore
when they cling like grim raccoons
to lives they just despise

in a dream which never starts

in a life which has no hearts

only likes

in an artificial world of vapor
they live in desperation
with wolf's tears in their eyes
they need to have it all

Saint Peter told us about pies
since you should only take one bite
but in a world which is never sated
they eat the whole fucking pie
Money for more pie is no answer
when it can only make things worse
there isn't any kind of freedom
when it only invites a hearse

- Some asshole

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