Thursday, June 15, 2017

Why Are Millennials Dropping Alcohol for #Cannabis #Science

Right off the top we're annoyed with the article because it tells us Millennials are switching to marijuana from alcohol but we don't know that.  We assume they will tell us so we continue.  (Daily News:  Why are millennials dropping alcohol for marijuana?)

California twentysomethings are making the switch from alcohol to marijuana and as legalization spreads across the country, millennials across the nation will follow the trend.


There's a few more pontifical prophesies but the lassie is quite attractive, isn't she.

A study released earlier this year, produced by OutCo, a Southern California-based, cannabis company in partnership with Monocle Research, shows that more than 50% of Californians aged 18-29 are substituting cannabis for alcohol.

- DN

Hmm .. a study ... but look who performed it.  No chance of any bias with that lot, right?  We also notice there's no mention of the sample size.

Beer was the most popular substitution, with 34% of millennials saying they will opt for cannabis over beer.

18% of millennials will substitute cannabis for wine.

14% of the millennial population will substitute cannabis for spirits.

And it’s not just the younger generation making the shift to cannabis. The study showed that one in five Generation Xers will be substituting cannabis for alcohol and 8% of baby boomers.

- DN

In the world of statistics, that effort will likely be regarded as finger painting.  There's nothing in the article about the sample size and that's one of the most important indicators of the validity of any survey.

We're sure they really got the results they say they got but we don't believe they mean one damn thing.

We know intuitively there's a switch taking place but we will need much better numbers than those presented in this article to have any chance of accurately quantifying it.  I did the same thing forty-five years ago and never developed any particular taste for alcohol after that.  In fact, that's likely why many of the hippies / freaks did that since I regard alcohol as debilitating whereas marijuana is the opposite.

There is no sales pitch and I don't know or care if you smoke the ganja but I know some of you do so you know already what I mean.  In case you're not a Regular, yes, I still smoke the ganja and cannot believe you yahoos got it up to around 20% THC now.  Hat tip, mates.

Note:  for ye of the Old School, that's five times more potent than street ganja in the Sixties.

In any case, the study in the Daily News needs to go back into the stewpot since it's not even close to ready for any practical use yet.

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