Tuesday, June 13, 2017

"To Become as Giant Frogs" #Poetry

Too much toxicity
with too much duplicity
and so much felicity
in things which aren't real
There's an endemic cruelty
ubiquitous in the land
when peace and  understanding
are rejected out of hand

That's when I got to fuck it ... I am not writing this.

- Shakes off Facebook Effect -

When you're blowing bubbles
dogs will chase them in glee
when every time one pops
it somehow sets them free
But you and I
we've been through that
and we would just be dogs
or go to Tennessee
to become as giant frogs
where we sit to watch the world
and sing through the evening
in every pitch you hear
as it slowly unfurls

We love to chase those bubbles
and pop them with our noses
each time it comes 
as another surprise
but watch for soap 
getting into your eyes
and even so we'll chance it
since we really need to know
what's inside the bubble
and what makes it go

Wherever the bubble flies
we would like to come along
and if we keep popping bubbles
then maybe we learn the song
because when we're blowing bubbles
we will chase them all with glee
since every time one pops
it somehow sets us free

- Colonel Arbuthnot Jones

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