Friday, June 16, 2017

The Martians, the Prescriptions, and a Harvey Wallbanger

The Martians did land and were remarkably congenial.  Thankfully, they don't like neocons or neolibs either, so it was an interesting conversation about planetary conquest 'n shit.

There's an iPhone SE here now and this is the ML EL.  It's also vital for contacting VA, most specifically for getting a callback, as there were tactical problems this will eliminate.

The number for the ML EL will go out via text msgs relatively soon but first the glory of setting up iCloud, etc and I still hate using iCloud but it's necessary for the phone.

The Regulars most likely to notice if I suddenly poof are ML, CM, Yevette, and Lotho.  By sending the ML EL to each, that establishes the path to find out for sure.  I probably won't carry it all the time but it's within arm's reach here.  The plan allows unlimited minutes but everything else is throttled.  If anything needs to be downloaded, I'll connect the iPhone to iTunes and let the iMac do the work.  The charger which came with the phone is USB which plugs straight to my hub.  No buttons to push.

Thanks again for the major assist in making this happen since I've no doubt it will lower general anxiety but it is also needed for vital medical things in the background.  It may be a stretch to call it a lifesaver but it easily could be.

As to calling about meds, I did that to reup the juice for the nebulizer and ask for a replacement mask but I got instead everything else.  It doesn't always work perfectly although that's the only error in years of this.  The ML EL will undoubtedly result in medicine getting here faster by reducing telephone mishaps of that nature.  The anxiety aspect is vital for reduction since stress will kill you too so this makes a change down here much larger than it may seem simply from acquiring a mobile.

Thank you since this really is a Big Deal.

As an example, we lost the Big Guy and he disappeared for such a long time it seemed there's no chance; he's not coming back this time.  He's been one of the Local Irregular Regulars but then he poofed.  That windup would suck if he had died so, yah, he called earlier today.  He's had some heavy going but he ain't splashed yet.  Rockhouse hat tip to the Big Guy.

There are some deep weeds down here and I've pulled back on the details.  That's not so much because I don't think you can hack it but rather I don't think you should have to hack it.

The prescriptions were vital for Yevette and they're much easier for me since VA delivers them via post.  However, that cruise on top of the gala at the MetroPCS finished the Rockhouse Rowdies on the Road since it was beatin' hot.

ML, don't let that concern you about Texas since it's standard to hide from the heat in the afternoon.  The mornings are for the out and about and that time can be pleasant; it usually is, actually.

The Rockhouse doesn't know much about a Harvey Wallbanger drink but I think it's the type of thing drunkies take up before they go full-bore by switching to drinking gin straight from the bottle.  I have no idea why the name should pop into my head but there he was ... for no apparent reason.

Ed:  it was a vision

That or delirium tremens, mate.

Updated: all contacted except Cadillac Man since I sent that one to your Skype.  I don't care if the CIA / NSA steals it since I can make up fake intel as fast as they.

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