Friday, June 16, 2017

News on a Nailhead 6/16 | News Which is Kinda Damn Nice

The ‘Kindred Spirits’ sculpture in Midleton, Co Cork, Ireland © Brian Martin / YouTube

A sculpture is to be unveiled in Bailic Park, Midleton, Co. Cork, on Sunday to honor the Choctaw Nation, an indigenous tribe from the southeastern US who, upon learning of the plight of the Irish during the height of the country’s famine in 1847, raised $170 to send aid to the country – the equivalent of tens of thousands of dollars in today’s money.

Speaking to the Irish Times, Joe McCarthy, the municipal manager for East Cork County Council, said: “The gift from the Choctaw people was a demonstration of love and this monument acknowledges that and hopefully will encourage the Irish people to act as the Choctaw people did.”

RT:   Ireland pays tribute to Native American tribe for 1847 famine support (PHOTO, VIDEO)

That was kinda damn nice, right?


A four-year old Russian boy named Dima Peskov, who lost his family during a family picnic outside the city of Ekaterinburg on June 10, has been found alive suffering from dehydration and over 20 tick bites by a search operation involving 2,000 people.

“Dima was cold and wet, with all his clothes torn off. He was bitten by mosquitoes and ticks all over his body. We wrapped him up, and when some life returned to him, he began to tell us what happened – that he was eating grass, and drinking filthy water out of a swamp,” Pavel Karpenko, a special forces soldier, who volunteered for the search and found the boy, told the daily Komsomolskaya Pravda (KP).

The disappearance of the ashen-haired boy had become a live national drama in Russia for the previous four days.

RT:  ‘He drank swamp water & ate grass’: 4yo boy found alive after 4 days in woods

Now I know that one was kinda damn nice.  Check out that li'l towhead.

"What's the difference between him and Mr [Edward] Snowden then? He’s a human rights activist then, not an intelligence chief," Putin said.

"At any rate, if this entails some kind of prosecutions against him [Comey], we are ready to grant him asylum in Russia. He should be aware of that," he added.

RT: Putin: Russia ready to grant asylum to former FBI Director James Comey

That might not be so kinda damn nice but the Rockhouse definitely thinks it's kinda damn funny.

This one is more like the kinda damn good item.

The majority of state attorneys general have joined together to investigate the growing opioid epidemic and what part drug manufacturers played in creating and prolonging the crisis.

On Thursday, Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey announced that her office has been working with the bipartisan coalition to evaluate “whether manufacturers used illegal practices in the marketing and sale of opioids and worsened this deadly crisis,” according to a statement. 

RT:  State attorneys general announce nationwide bipartisan probe into opioid marketing & production

We even have kinda damn nitpicky in this one since things are together after we join them or you did not join them, did yewwww.

She might have used united and people in America like uniting things except, you know, when it comes to actually getting anything united.

The Rockhouse is aware there's a great deal of manufacture of designer opiates but the Rockhouse is nevertheless most pleased to see this going back to the primary source at Big Pharma.  We don't need an editorial since you already know it.

The Rockhouse sees that last as kinda damn good which is inherently kinda damn nice.

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