Saturday, May 6, 2017

Wow ... You're Still Lusting Over Nicola Crosley

In case you didn't see it, Nicola Crosley is the one who shows us Gonzo Journalism is dead when she writes of My First Orgy as if she went to a religious service.  If you're wanting the NSFW, Dagwood, that's definitely your cheerleader as all she needed was an amputee and a sheep to make it to the Penthouse Forum.  Bob Guccione gonna love you long time, girl.

(Ithaka:  Remember Gonzo Journalism? Nicola Crosley Does Something Else with My First Orgy)

All together now on the reaction to Nicola Crosley's titillating tale ...

Promises, promises, bitch.  Where's the fuckin' video?

That's the spirit, lads.

Now, lads, shall we, much as I hate to disturb your Ultimate Lesbian Fantasy, review your estimation of the BF in Crosley's article?

Ed:  BF means BoyFriend?

Nein, nein, BF means Bullshit Factor.  What is your estimation a single word of it is true.  In the Rockhouse view, she may have spelled her name correctly ... or used a pseudonym since she's actually a librarian who never does anything.

Note:  take it easy, librarians, since I know some of you ladies like to get completely whack when you get away from the books.

When she shows up for the party in a funny hat, strange things may happen and that's always for the better.

Ed:  so what if it's true when she writes some ok soft-porn?

Fair enough.

Something else we wonder is why everyone who spanked the monkey in a porno movie is automatically a porn star.  Jenna Jameson was a porn star but she turned into a total lunatic.

Ed:  porno caused that?

Um, no, Dagwood.  I think being a fucking lunatic caused that.

There's some fellow, Ed something or other, who was possessed of the Longest Dong on God's Green Earth, or maybe he was Johnny ... I guess he wasn't a star when I don't remember his name.  I think he is now croaked, long dong and all (sob).

Ed:  does this make Nicola Crosley a porn star after writing her li'l treatise on the Killing Kittens?

Nope as I think that requires video, at least a webcam if you're a complete loser.

Ed:  how do you know Nicola Crosley is a woman?

Congratulations, Dagwood, as you win tonight's Date with a Demon since we really don't know any damn thing about Nicola Crosley and she may be some fat fuck in New Jersey who seriously needs to get sober, get a shave, and please change those filthy underpants or at least cover them with something.

Ed:  well, thanks for that crash landing!

I aim to please, mate.

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