Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day ... to Those Who Still Have One

Call 'er up, chappie, and try to be a little more regular about it, ya sap.  Do you think it fools her when you only call on Mother's Day?

Ed:  how can you jump from the Raunchy Jenny Scordamaglia to Pope Francis to science to Mother's Day?

No trouble at all.  Any other questions?

Also, I didn't jump from the Raunchy Jenny Scordamaglia or I'm sure I would know it and hopefully she would not deny it ever happened.

Ed:  you would talk about your sex life with her?

Come off it, mate.  This isn't high school or the White House; we don't do that.

My ol' Mother has been croaked for quite a while now but that doesn't get easier, does it.

Lamenting about missing her doesn't serve any good purpose so if'n your ol' Mother remains in an uncroaked status as hopefully she does then call her up, chappie!

No, this is not a time for pics of cats or kittens.  She fuckin' hated cats and kittens.  I have a strong allergy to Siamese so maybe it was something of that nature.

Ed:  you hate cats!

I can't say I hate cats; I just hate how they rub against the legs.  Now that's seriously creepy behavior. I don't have a problem with the homegirl cats but you know the Interlopers have to get the water, right?  They go somewhere else or they must get the water.

My ol' Mother did love gardening but at an older age she liked watching Lotho and I doing it for her in her garden.  That was fine since gardening is one of the truly great stoner pastimes.

Flowers hate being planted in rows and no real garden should suffer such mindless regimentation; it should look like a riot of color.

If it's not a mass planting, why even call it gardening, huh?

The above is English style and my ol' Mother was born with plenty of that.

Ed:  I thought she was a Scot?

She was but her family came in ancient times from Cornwall.

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