Thursday, May 25, 2017

"What Happened to Patreon" plus an Odd Millennial

What happened to the Patreon
since it poofed and went away
but it was just another type of scam
to scrounge up some kind of pay

which is really not so terrible
when I work all fuckin' day
but to close it I need one more part
and that one has to say

That Silas he's so wonderful
he's worth your coin and more
please do throw him some sweet shekels
if you don't find him a total bore

- Deleted for being utter rubbish -

- Some asshole

But how about a pic of some baby monkeys?

I couldn't find the baby monkeys but how about an Odd Millennial:

Should someone tell her it isn't raining and she's standing on the seats for a bus stop?

Ed:  nah, it would spoil her protest

What does she protest?

Ed:  no idea

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