Monday, May 15, 2017

What Do You Think, Mates? Shut Ithaka Down?

Ithaka doesn't want to represent America, not with neoliberals in it.

The Silas refuses to be the foil for neoliberal mindlessness since I know they come here when I see which content they ignore.  In my eyes, that makes them gutless parasites who take but give nothing.

When they only want to be amused, they should go back to that gutless sycophant, Stephen Colbert, since he will amuse them with mindless trivia all day long.

Ed:  you mean Bill Clinton's cock holster?

Colbert is yer Huckleberry

Ed:  this one?

Nah, Doc Holliday was an honorable man (mostly).  (WIKI:  Doc Holliday)

'Cock holster' may be Stephen Colbert's only contribution ever to Western civilization.  Thank you, Stevie; you enlighten my life.

I think it's coming to time to shut Ithaka down and maybe start another one.  It took years for those monkeys to find me the last time as there's one thing I know for sure: there's no chance I exist for the amusement of neoliberals.  Let them amuse themselves with their music but, as we have heard, they're not too good at it.

Ed:  what about neocons?

I don't care since they're predictable like Ted Cruz and they're irrelevant.  The neoliberals, however, are snakes and they're always camouflaged as something else.

Ed:  what about the Democrats?

When Bernie Sanders, Tulsi Gabbard, and I are the only ones left, what difference does it make.

Even Sanders is going off on James Comey so he may become useless as well.  If he has lost his focus, the Revolution cannot rely on him anymore.

I swear to Christ, dangle something shiny in front of these fucking people and they will follow it home.

Ed:  what about Republicans?

The ones who know the material can be valuable adversaries but most of them are just parrots spouting dogma they don't understand and haven't researched.  They do religion in much the same way.  The latter flavor is the one which produces neocons.

Ed:  what about getting a million hits for Ithaka?

That's just an amusement and means nothing.

Ed:  it's so nearly reached a million hits!

So?  What do I win?  A shiny new Chevrolet?  I don't want one because that will just mean I have to pay taxes as if it were income.  Fuck that.

I haven't paid taxes since 2008 and I'm damned if I'll pay a dime for the malevolence coming out of Washington.  So what if they bust me as there's nothing for them to take (shrug).

Ed:  the mistake was posting the articles to Twitter and Facebook.  You should have stayed incognito.

Prob'ly so.  It's not difficult to stop the posting to Google+ as well.

Unknown.  I just know it's a personal disgrace to be associated with neoliberals in any way.  They're not my people; they're not anyone's people.

Ed:  you were just waiting to do Pussy Anonymous after the pussy hats get here!

I will probably still do it but bring back any advertising of that to zero.  Drawing from Google Search as readers is as safe as the Internet gets.  Drawing from the social networks is suicide.

Ed:  why not cut off the networks now?

You know I'm thinking it through but I don't want the kneejerk reaction to them and particularly after they have been kneejerking America for years.

LBJ was a vile, warmongering bastard but he did send help to Americans in terms of the War on Poverty.  Conversely, Obama sent SWAT teams.  Some Presidents do for civil rights and some just talk shit so do you grok the difference between Democrats and neoliberals yet and why the Rockhouse loathes the latter?

Ed:  Democrats and neoliberals are vile warmongering bastards but the Democrats really did care about civil rights and there's no evidence Obama ever did after he increasingly ramped up Federal invasiveness while he and James Clapper lied about it.  Clinton was the favorite cheerleader.

Roger that

I imagine my situation is the same as many who are absolutely fed-up with the chicanery and you know Clinton is pulling strings like a Mad Puppeteer in the background.  That disease is not gone but rather is metastasizing.

This is going to take years and years for America's recovery from it and sure as hell Donald Trump is doing nothing toward that.  You see the fact of that in Kansas right now.

I mean, fuck it, mates.  What other reaction should there be to these Neanderthals?

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