Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Demise of the Galaxy Synth and the Woes of Hobbiton

The Galaxy Synth is croaked but there is one feeble positive since it means the primary looper is not which means the bass and the drum machine can still be recorded without replugging.  The dead Galaxy Synth made a major disturbance in the Force, however.

The circumstance with the Galaxy Guitar remains vague and it works to use The Situation as a beard even when, amazingly, Yevette did not lose all her hair.  The treatment whacked her hair but did not completely baldify her.

She wound up with a snappy short hairstyle but it's not that annoying TV snappy since she looks like a woman who doesn't have time to be brushing her hair at a hundred strokes per night.  She doesn't believe in selfies but I can tell you it's a great look and quite different for her.  She will regain that which she lost and maybe she grows it long again ... or not.  The style looks surprisingly good on her and the surprise is because I never have seen her with a short 'do before.  It will thicken back out again.

Ed:  where's Hobbiton?

You're in it.  Have a carrot.

The above is vague ... but ... I do have a gigantic cat, a Maine Coon, apparently.

The Interloper Cats need to get the water but if this one interlopes then I'm running for it.  (RT:  Kitty amazing: This enormous cat is more than 1.2 meters long)

Ed:  it only eats puppies!

I'm much more concerned about it eating me.

Ed:  it's too fat to fight!

I'm too slow to slide!

One more to show if it's Photoshopped, someone had a lot of time to waste.

WIKI:  Maine Coon

Ed:  that's not a 'coon, it's a damn cat!

Yah, that's unusual ... plus 'coons are way meaner.  Do not ever screw with a wild 'coon in a cage.

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