Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Larry Krasner Wins the Philly DA Race | Our Revolution

There has been only two substantive Resistance efforts, Black Lives Matter and this one, notwithstanding the mercenary narcissism of various interlopers.

Our Revolution


We just helped Larry Krasner and his team pull off a major upset in the Democratic primary for the Philadelphia District Attorney's office. It is likely that Larry will win in November, and if he does it will be huge. I grew up in Philadelphia facing the triangle of the District Attorney, Police, and Magistrate Courts pressuring young adults, often black, into guilty pleas and sentencing. This victory is transformative for the criminal justice system in Philadelphia.

We cannot understate how impactful this upset victory will be for the people of Philadelphia. Larry's goals include ending cash bail, civil asset forfeiture, and racist stop and frisk policies that target the city's minority communities. This is a DA who will never pursue the death penalty, and comes to the top prosecutor's office with the experience of representing Black Lives Matter and others in the activist community over a long career.

And there are hundreds more candidates for local office who share Larry's values like we do and need our support. They're winning races for school boards, like Rita Moore and Valdez Bravo in Oregon, or for seats to their city council, like Gil Cedillo in Los Angeles -- all last night. But there's more that we can be doing. Steve Zimmer and Imelda Padilla came up short in their race for the Los Angeles school board, as the charter school industry backed their opponents and turned the race into the most expensive in the country.

Make no mistake: the Trumpster fire that we see every day in Washington and on the cable news networks is not representative of what is really going on in this country. Local elections like these are where the grassroots can make a difference right now.

As always, thank you for everything you do. Progress like this wouldn't be possible without your support.

In solidarity,

Larry Cohen
Board Chair
Our Revolution

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