Monday, May 15, 2017

Surely You See the Anthropology by Now

Nicola Crosley and her ooh, ooh Lesbian orgies have just about moved to the Greatest Hits and do you think that was inadvertent.  Oh, gee, silly me ... look what happened.

Ed:  when that blasts and your deep content bombs, that success insults that which you consider important!

Nah, it only seems that way since the science is presented seriously just as much as with crazy Nicola when I think there's a valid point behind both since the major content is in that which gets read / ignored and that's the Anthropology.

There's been a colossal cultural shift in America and hard to the right but they're the type of people who say ginormous and think it's clever.  It's not even flagged as a spelling error anymore, fer chrissakes.

Ed:  what's it all mean, Alfie?

That's where the Sociologists get into it since mostly Anthropologists go out to observe and this piles up mountains of fact and Sociologists can go nuts with the aggregate of that.  For example, a Sociologist probably won't do a drug with some tribe in South America which imparted audio hallucinations.  Anthropologists will or at least one I know did.  His eyes got a little twisted as he remembered and, yep, he had been trippin'.

Observation is the biggest part of it and ...

Ed:  you look at humans like Jane Goodall looks at mountain gorillas!

Well, um, I wouldn't say exactly like gorillas ... since they're not aggressive at all and they're quite nice beasties so long as you don't screw with them.

Note:  mostly Jane Goodall studied chimps and their behavior / ethology is actually more interesting and dynamic.  Gorillas are browsers but chimps are predators.

Ed:  since gorillas are vegetarians, the only way they could get better is if they are Bavarian, right?

Now that you mention it, I'm kind of diggin' Bavarian Kong.  Let's give him a flugelhorn and see what he does with it.

Ed:  um, mate, there's only one thing you can do with a flugelhorn!

Well, that shows you're not familiar with El Kabong.  Tip:  don't go near the gorilla cage when there's a flugelhorn inside it.

Ed:  how about an accordion or some other kind of squeezebox?  Let's see if he could figure it out.

Maybe so, mate; maybe so.

It's all about observation.

Ed:  whether a Bavarian Kong can play an accordion is the same as whether people flip over Nicola Crosley?


Welcome to the Anthropology Department

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