Sunday, May 14, 2017

Sean Spicer Returns | Melissa McCarthy is So Sublimely Vicious | Rockhouse Loves Her

"I only, honest to God, hope that killed her!" - Sean Spicer

By the way, Sean Spicer makes $180K annually.  Now that was funny, right?

Ed:  that was cruel!

Have a canapé, snookums.  That's the crap rich people eat,  right?

Note:  I looked and canapé means 'couch' in French.  WTF??

It has meaning in German but that language doesn't use accents in the way of canapé.  Again, WTF??

Ed:  who gives a crap?

Mate, when you're watchin' the SNL videos, you obviously have some time to kill so wtf with these canapés?

Ed:  I love Melissa McCarthy!

Yah, me too.  She's so vicious.

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