Sunday, May 14, 2017

"Want You Back" | Haim | SNL | Female Trio

"Want You Back" should give you a reasonable warning this is probably not a good idea.  Haim was the featured act on SNL this evening.

There were the girl trios from the Sixties and they would sing awful covers of Peter, Paul, and Mary songs while people threw food at them until they left in tears and the band came out.

What do you know ... they're back.

Give up all hope, ye manly men who enter here.

Ed:  you sexist pig!

Ah, right.  Look what it did to Justin Bieber and, for all his money, who the fuck would want to be him.  You couldn't get more girly without a bow in your fuckin' hair.

Ed:  the Army would have made a man out of him!

Of course it would.  Then he would be girly in a uniform and he'd keep throwing that George Clooney grin that makes you want to murder the motherfucker.

Enough with that fucking grin, George.  Fucking enough.  It makes you look like Justin Bieber.  Do you get it now, amigo?

Ed:  do you think it makes you seem manly to swear so much?

Noooo, that just means I have what some call a foul mouth ... but ... I also have an excellent vocabulary so that's really a pisser, isn't it.

Ed:  you're stone evil!

There's certainly not a word on Ithaka to deny that.

Ed:  so you didn't like Haim?

Haim?  What is this Haim?

Melissa McCarthy is much better.  (Ithaka:  Sean Spicer Returns | Melissa McCarthy is So Sublimely Vicious | Rockhouse Loves Her)

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