Monday, May 15, 2017

Kellyanne Conway Holds up the Only Letter She Ever Got

Here Kellyanne Conway shows us the only letter she ever got in her life and it's a personal offer to her and her alone for a special deal on Ginzu steak knives.  Yes, Kellyanne, and if you act now on this personal order, we will also send, get this, a free copy of the Republican Bible.  But you MUST act now.

Kellyanne:  oh, joy, a Republican Bible.  I never had one before.

That's because it's bullshit and doesn't exist, Kellyanne.

She's never going to attract a man with those fake eyelashes since if she makes them any longer, Donald Trump will start using her as a flying drone bomb.  There's also such a quantity of non-reflective foundation on her face it must have been applied with a putty knife.

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