Monday, May 15, 2017

Onward Together with Anyone But Clinton PAC Forming for Defense Against the Bourgeois Elite

If there's anything America does not need at all, it's dictation from the Bourgeois Elite and there are few people on the planet who better exemplify the bourgeois desires of those who collect appliances and gaudy gimcrackery than the Clintons and that general class of the nouveau riche.

Check the nouveau riche profile since the Clintons moved to Connecticut because, you know, that's where the rich live.  They weren't satisfied with a single estate and bought the one next to it to make their property better demonstrate their stature.  That move came from straight out of Chapter One in the Nouveau Riche Handbook:  if it's not conspicuous then consumption really doesn't mean anything.

Obama did the same thing since his home state wasn't good enough for him either so he moved the family to Palm Springs.  I mean, if you can't play golf with the rich then why even bother?  Am I right, my brothers and sisters?

Ed:  Palm Springs is one of the Sanctuary Cities for the Undead!

Of course and it always has been.

Ed:  the Undead like to play golf?

It's perfect for them since it's even slower than football.  It's bad when the Undead play football since bits and pieces of them get left all over the field.  It's hilarious to watch, tho.  The Undead NFL would rate higher than the old NFL from their first day.

The ability of the neoliberals to ignore things is exemplary for that class of people which otherwise is typically inquisitive and clever but has now devolved into the Undead chanting about boobs.  They inquire about nothing and instead prefer being led by the nose by the High Priestesses on Television.

Ed:  Rachel Maddow?

Probably but she's been chanting for Clinton so long she just got tedious and the Rockhouse stopped paying any attention to her ... and for the millions Maddow has been paid, of course she chants for Clinton.

Here at the Rockhouse we have some simple expectations of Our Revolution.

Must not grovel to foreign governments for money for personal interests (e.g. dummy charities, etc)

Must exemplify equality for all people and not only the ones Washington likes

Must understand the deep perils of further exacerbating the inequality of wealth in America and the social dysfunction that engenders

Must understand waging war more only makes more of it, at least the way the Pentagon does it is like that and their wars never stop

Must understand the people on the top will be doing damn well when the people on the bottom are doing ok and right now that's not even close to true

Must understand the corporate environment isn't good for doing anything except making products but they're no better administratively than any other flea circus in town.  Some are good; some are average; the worst go to corporate medical care and medicine.

Must understand nothing ever trickles down

Must understand the national debt is just a subtle form of double taxation

Must understand that being a politician is more than begging for money and pretending you support Food Banks (e.g. Chelsea Clinton in her one appearance in a Food Bank and they called her a hero for it ... of fucking what?)

Must not lie to curry favor and that one is biggest of all.  So far, only two have delivered it.  The Rockhouse is confident many more are capable but they're not currently in the game or are only just getting started due to the ongoing thirty-year travesty in Washington.

These simple expectations synthesize to one simple request:  must not continue beating the fuck out of Americans to pay for a failing military.  The only result from that is to end up like Britain where hardly any part of the military works anymore.  They can't give the Falkland Islands any shit anymore since they have no aircraft capable of reaching them (shrug).

Note:  Vulcan bombers were retired along with just about everything else in that joke of a military.

That's the vision of a Tory system and it has run their military into the ground.  Our Revolution expects a leader with bigger aspirations than repeating the same old mistakes.  We need a leader and not just another Establishment politician with bourgeois dreams and simplistic notions of reality.  They are not of us; they are not of anyone.

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