Saturday, May 27, 2017

Call for Censorship Strong from G7 and Theresa May - Science

Not surprisingly, Theresa May is a primary cheerleader and when she says, "Make no mistake," we're already clear she's bluffing.

"Make no mistake: the fight is moving from the battlefield to the internet," Prime Minister Theresa May told her G7 colleagues

Pop quiz:  what good things did any politician anywhere ever bring to the Internet besides thumbscrew moves such as Net Neutrality and, everybody's favorite, the CIA.  Those louts have done already to the Internet just about the same thing spammers did to email since it's rapidly becoming functionally useless after they poisoned it with their exploits.

The G7 nations on Friday demanded action from internet providers and social media firms against extremist content online, vowing to step up their fight against terrorism after the Manchester attack.

"The G7 calls for Communication Service Providers and social media companies to substantially increase their efforts to address terrorist content," Britain, the United States and their G7 partners said in a statement.

"We encourage industry to act urgently in developing and sharing new technology and tools to improve the automatic detection of content promoting incitement to violence, and we commit to supporting industry efforts in this vein including the proposed industry-led forum for combating online extremism," they said.  G7 demands internet giants crack down on extremist content

There you see how free speech ends and not with a whimper but rather with a self-righteous roar of approval from exactly the same people who turned the planet into a combat zone in the first place.  They have been bombing the holy fuck out of the Middle East for twenty years and they cry get big grimy crocodile tears when any of their own get killed by it.  "Oh, my God.  How did it happen?"

The only mission Theresa May ever had has been to show women are just as evil in politics are men and she has done that with predictable style after she copied it from Maggie Thatcher but in her typically amateurish way.

This is where censorship starts; it is not where censorship ends.

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