Sunday, May 14, 2017

You Know When You Arrive in Hell

Everyone has to dress the same and get into lawn bowling.

Lawn bowling is huge in Australia and there were lawn bowling clubs all over Sydney

Ed:  when you will get eaten by Great White Sharks if you go swimming, that gives some motivation to switch to lawn bowling, at least while you still have enough remaining appendages to play.

They also get off on cricket so that explains a lot of things.  I had to play that as a kid when all kids had to wear whites on Fridays to come to school and be sporting.  I thought cricket was a stupid game but I think most sports are just stupid games.

Ed:  sports are mostly excuses to eat truly revolting hot dogs which are essentially haggis but without the Scotsman.  It's absolutely disgusting stuff since the contents are all the things no-one would ever eat.

No-one thinks about where the penis goes when they slaughter a bull ... but ... the answer is hot dogs.  If you have a craving for some bull penis then the answer comes straight to you from Armour Hot Dogs.

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