Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Woman in Garb the Establishment Will Hate

Sydney, Australia

Model Imogen Anthony at Mercedes-Benz fashion week Resort 18 Collections at Carriageworks

Photograph: Ryan Pierse/Getty Images

A celebrity needs to bring some zing to the show since just flashing some side boob only shows you're a desperate and irrelevant amateur who isn't yet accustomed to having breasts.

Ms Anthony gives us the Physics of Fashion insofar as there are protons and anti-protons just as there is Muslim garb and anti-Muslim garb.  In this case, she reveals much of that which fundamentalist Islam hides but it does hide that which they believe is significant.

Unknown if that was the designer's purpose but there's been so much buzz about face masking it seems a valid possibility.

The Rockhouse doesn't find the outfit particularly attractive but trying to pass as a Jenner is a loser for anyone who wants to be really happening.  It's a startling look and those crystals must be big fun under a disco ball, even more fun with lasers.

Ed:  you just want to user her as a target for bouncing lasers?

Sure, it would look incredible.  I went to a concert by The Who and no-one died at this one, unlike the one in Cincinnati which I was yet to attend, and Lotho was there too.  At one point it seemed like there were multiple red lasers shooting from Roger Daltrey's head to make an effect which just impressed the bejeebers out of the early Silas.  Lotho was there and he saw it too.  Ha.

Ed: you were coked-out, smoked-out, and cookin' with gas that evening.

Well, that might have had something to do with it.

Note:  the reason I continue to be smoked-out is I didn't get coked-out all that much so I remain in a non-deceased status.

That effect with Daltrey was an illusion but it would be real in bouncing lasers off Ms Anthony's head.

Ed:  you will blind her!

Not likely since I use multiple lasers simultaneously and they vary from about 50 mW up to 300 mW.   I've flashed myself with them countless times but the peepers are fine ... except for reading fine print which sucks as much as it ever did.  All of us hate reading glasses, yeah, yeah, yeah but the lasers didn't cause that.

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