Sunday, May 14, 2017

When Australians Do Black Face, They Do Not Fuck Around

Newcastle, Australia

Knights fan Geoff Campbell painted up for the Indigenous round National Rugby League match between Newcastle Knights and Canberra Raiders

Photograph: Darren Pateman/AAP

You can see underneath all that he's a white boy so wtf are you playing at, mate?

To figure this one out, you're going to need the graduate references for Abnormal Psychology and Abnormal Sociology, for that matter.

Ed:  how can Sociology be Abnormal?

Well, mate, when you get Aztecs whacking fifty-thousand sacrifices in the same day and they did it by using stone axes to rip out their hearts, we're at least going to go with a bit fucking unusual then.  Would that be alright?

I do have a tip for Black Face Boy up there, tho:  don't try that stunt in America, mate.  You will take a bullet for that bullshit before your lily white feets get down the stairs and touch the runway.  It's most likely to be a white man who pops the cap since we're so fed-up with yokels like this disgracing us.

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