Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Remarkably Candid Interview with Mick Jagger by Larry King

One thing the Rockhouse admires particularly about Mick Jagger is that he never lives in some world forty years behind us.  He still makes records and still tours.

That he endures doesn't particularly impress us since there are only two options when you either endure or you end up in a box.  However his existence in the Now is undiminished and the Rockhouse respects that deeply.

His thoughts on the use of drugs, particularly for stage, may be illuminating to you.

Note:  this was on CNN but you mustn't listen to Larry King's new work since he's working for Russia Today now and therefore everything he says is bullshit propaganda for Putin, right?

I'm not sure but I think doing a gig for RT is what got Flynn busted.  They said he was blowing secrets or some bullshit like that but the Rockhouse has trouble believing The Larry King Show would be much of a way to accomplish anything of that nature.

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