Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Bashing Neoliberals Doesn't Hurt Ithaka Ratings | Ithaka is Zooming

Activity on Ithaka has been running between two to three times higher than it has over time but apparently times have changed.

The Anthropology isn't doing much for me since I should be able to deduce who reads this crap but I can't tell.

The articles bashing neoliberals often tank but sometimes don't so Anthropology doesn't get it done for me.  Why should that change and why would a neoliberal return when they must see we know they smell bad and their mothers are still dressing them funny.

NL kid:  I don't want to wear my galoshes, Mom.  None of the cool kids wear them!
Patient Mom:  cool kids don't get flu.  Wear the fucking galoshes.
NL kid:  OK, Mom.  (wears galoshes to the school bus and then throws them away.  Later catches flu and dies)

An article on neoliberals will break several ways.  The most obvious is neoliberals see it and run for their mothers.  Regular people may see it and walk on past since they already know neoliberals are nong nongs with no significant knowledge of anything and the litany about them doesn't change since they don't.

But then one of those articles on neoliberals zooms and that busts any kind of model all to hell.

Ed:  you need to go NSA and watch them!

I don't want to watch them!  Are you seriously thinking anyone takes a shower before visiting Ithaka?  Ain't goin' happen.  And you, holy shit, you didn't shave or brush your teeth or, oh fuck, you didn't get dressed either did you.

NFW!  I don't want to watch!  Leave that to NSA/CIA creep pervs.

Ed:  maybe the articles just suck?

Good science demands the consideration but we do have some empirical data on the matter when Ithaka is pulling thousands of reads for day.  If it's bad, it's apparently in a way people like.

Ed:  you really don't know how this works, do you?

I keep tellin' you (larfs).

Ed:  you just run pics of hot Russian actresses just to get hits!

I run them because they're hot Russian actresses and I like them; maybe you have seen them.  What more reason do I need.  They don't pull that many hits anyway.  That aspect is almost unpredictable.  People went nuts over Great White Sharks in the Mediterranean and who could predict they're so terrified of them.

Note:  there are breeding populations of Great White Sharks in the Med.  Believe it.  You shouldn't be too concerned since Australians taste better and they get eaten by Great Whites all the time.  In the Med you're more likely to be nailed by a jellyfish.

Ed:  are you the Last Man Standing?

Nooooo, there are men standing all over the place, just not in Washington and not Tim Allen.

I was going to ask who do you think comes to look at the hot Russian actresses but ...

Ed:  you don't know that either?


Some women like the boobies too so maybe I've built a great Lesbian Shrine and they tell each other, "Baby, you have to come to see these hot Russian actresses!"

Ed:  do Lesbians call each other 'baby?'

Well, I have hung out quite a bit with Lesbians but I have not actually ever heard one call another Baby despite being otherwise affectionate to each other.

Ed:  any kind of PDA is so tasteless!

Of course ... but don't tell that to Prince Harry who was bumping uglies in the parking lot at the polo match the other day.

Note:  Danny DeVito came up with the term 'bumping uglies' for sex.  How can you not love the man?

What's going on?

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