Monday, May 15, 2017

Not Much Content in News But Scientists are Producing Again

Everything is focusing on Donald Trump in the news which means there's no focus on anything else which means the news is a waste of time, particularly when that bullshit is only to distract from whatever chicanery they're really trying to pull.

There's little to nothing in science for the weekends but they come out again on Mondays.

Ed:  neolibs still won't read it.  Neener.

Well, mate, often hardly anyone reads it.  Neener yerself.

There is one fundamental problem in the world, however.  Where the fuck are my pussy hats?  They started shipping over a month ago and they could have swum here from China by now.

The pussy hats are important for Pussy Anonymous.  I saw some woman buying some cool fake pearls at Wal-Mart for twelve bucks and they could be perfect for Pussy Anonymous.

Watson:  what kind of warrior wears fake pearls?

I'm not a warrior, mate; I'm a stoner.  Pussy Anonymous doesn't want to blow up computer systems and instead we're talking to the non-stoners to come over and walk on the wild side.

Watson:  ah, so then they will go off and blow stuff up?

Remarkable perspicacity, Watson.

Watson:  Pussy Anonymous will do this?

Yes ... with fake pearls.

Henrietta Farnsworth:  it's people like you who turn our children into heroin addicts!  Damn you!

Erm, check the facts, Henny, and you'll find Big Pharma opiates are the favorite method for creating junkies in America.  Come for the pain pills, stay for the heroin.  Those people aren't looking for a buzz; they're looking for death, at a minimum a temporary brain death.

Ed:  is Pussy Anonymous going to whack the idiots who think ganja is the same as heroin?

Nah, I'm tellin' you, Dagwood, the Rockhouse doesn't support whacking anyone.  The Rockhouse is about love, my brothers and sisters.

Ed:  the only kind of love you're getting is the ethereal buzz you get some helping a friend and don't even bother telling me that's the finest kind since we're not believing that's a match for the horizontal mambo.

Yah but it doesn't require a shower after.  Ha.

Ed:  shower after?  I go straight to NASCAR after.

Well, ain't you the hunky Casanova, huh?

Pussy Anonymous may have to Save you as well.

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