Wednesday, May 17, 2017

France Discovers the Clitoris ... and They're So Proud

© Philippe Lissac / Getty Images

French education campaigners have welcomed a decision by one of France’s largest textbook publishers to include a complete and labeled diagram of the clitoris after years of outside pressure, and have called on others to follow suit

Finally…A big first,” said a Facebook post from the group SVT Egalite. “Things are advancing little by little, but they are advancing."

RT:  ‘Anatomically correct’ clitoris appears for 1st time in French textbooks after feminist campaign

Wow.  Finding a clitoris is a big first.

Ed:  yes, for most men.  Ha.

Maestro, rim shot, please.

There's the big first.

Say there, cowboy ... how do you like the clitoris so far?

Marlboro Man:  (cough) I don't even see (cough) a dang clitoris there (cough)

Through all that smoke, I'm surprised you see anything.

How is yer libido doing after that, mates?

Ed:  that graphic may have killed it

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