Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Extremely Powerful Talk Between Lady Gaga and Julian Assange (video)

A day before US army whistleblower Chelsea Manning is due to be released from prison, WikiLeaks has released new footage of Editor Julian Assange discussing her case with pop icon Lady Gaga.

The 12-minute video, recorded in October 2012 before Manning stood trial for leaking classified US documents, is the first in a seven-part series dubbed the ‘Gaga Leaks.’

The footage shows Lady Gaga filming Assange at the Ecuadorian embassy in London as she questions him about Manning’s detention. “You may be an enemy of the state but you’re not an enemy of humanity,” she tells him.

(RT:  WikiLeaks releases video of Lady Gaga & Assange discussing ‘hero’ Manning)

The video cannot be embedded here on Ithaka due to the way it was uploaded (i.e. not YouTube).

In the video, Assange tells Lady Gaga that Manning’s lawyers believe the army private is being subjected to "cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment" in order to coerce a confession against WikiLeaks and its founder.

He adds that Manning could face the death penalty. “That’s pretty heavy, that’s pretty heavy stuff,” Lady Gaga replies.

Lady Gaga asks: “Do you feel badly that [Manning] is in this situation?”

Assange replies: “I feel that we have a duty to fight, to draw attention to his plight. If he has truly done what he has alleged to have then he is a hero, there is no doubt that he is a hero.

- RT

It's not for Ithaka to offer on editorial on the matter since these are the best of the Resistance after they have given their blood for truth and freedom.

The Rockhouse proudly salutes Chelsea Manning on her release tomorrow.  She has suffered the worst the Army can throw at her without simply killing her.

I have seen the way the MPs in the stockade act toward their fellow soldiers who are currently imprisoned.  They act like bullying gorilla bastards.  I served several months with those vicious bastards and I saw how they treated a Vietnam returnee who had been awarded a Silver Star while those bullying maggots had never been anywhere but El Paso (i.e. Fort Bliss).

Note:  I had a tiny opportunity to talk to him and he couldn't hack it after Vietnam because nothing made sense anymore.  The stockade sure helped him with that.  As far as I know, he was headed to Leavenworth because the MPs kept hassling him and he kept going off on those cowards.

My assignment was to sit in one of the stockade towers with an M-14 and waste anyone who tried to escape.  They probably knew I wouldn't do anything but they didn't have any real criminals in there anyway.  No fuckin' way was I going to cap another draftee.

I figured the answer was to shoot it a couple of times and say, "Shucks, looks like I missed."  (shrug)

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